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In the future, hackers may gain access to a person’s thoughts and memories

Technologies are improving every year, and with them, the capabilities of cyber criminals grow. The day is not far off when a person will unite his brain with a computer.

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Researchers at the Waterford Institute of Technology believe that Elon Musk’s Neuralink technology for combining the human brain with a computer will make a person even more vulnerable.

The developers claim that their technology guarantees protection against the penetration of outsiders to confidential data. However, at first, the inventors intend to use the security protocols that are used in most gadgets like smartphones.

Recently it became known that hackers can remotely set fire to smartphones or even hack medical robots.

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Analysts believe that the implementation of Elon Musk’s developments opens up opportunities for gaining access, for example, to the data of politicians, the military and other people. Intrusion by an intruder can lead to distortion or destruction of important information.

People’s thoughts or memories can be deleted or even edited. It can also cause physical harm to a person, for example, disappeared data on a person’s health will make it impossible to provide him with the necessary medical care.

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