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Two large UFOs stalked a US aircraft carrier in October 2021

A US Navy warship is said to have been chased by two “car-sized balls of light” that were immune to anti-drone weapon attacks.

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We are talking about the aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge, and this message is so far the latest in a series of disclosures of collisions of American warships with mysterious UFOs that have occurred over the past few years.

The US military is increasingly beginning to report on the mysterious phenomena they observe. According to media reports, documentary filmmaker Dave Beaty, who in 2019 directed the Nimitz Encounters documentary about the famous 2004 Tick-Tock UFO incident, spoke about an incident that happened quite recently, in October 2021.

At least two mysterious flying objects have been revealed to have been flying behind the aircraft carrier USS Kearsarg for several nights while it was on military exercises off the east coast of the United States.

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The source describes the “menacing looking” balls of light following about half a mile behind the ship and about 200 feet (61 meters) above the surface of the ocean. The source that Dave Beaty learned about the case is a now retired USMC officer identified under the alias “Mark” because the source did not want to reveal his real name to the public.

The military exercises that USS Kearsarge was on at the time included working with systems designed to destroy enemy drones. So when the Marines aboard the ship saw glowing flying balls one night, they thought these objects were training targets and used anti-drone weapons against them.

However, they saw that, despite the measures taken, the balls continue their movement as if nothing had happened, making “dive maneuvers”.

After that, they reported the mysterious balls to the authorities, who contacted other military officers and received information from them that UFOs did not belong to the US Navy.

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Previously, Beaty said that he received logbooks from the USS Kidd, which described that in July 2019 USS Kidd was surrounded by at least four unidentified flying objects. These reports, and many others leaked by the US military, as well as several videos, have sparked a renewed interest in UFOs in recent years, probably the largest since the 1980s.

Because of this, the U.S. Department of Defense created an official UFO sighting reporting structure for the first time in decades, and Pentagon insiders, intelligence officials, senators, and even former presidents have massively admitted that yes, there is something inexplicable in the sky.

“There used to be UAP sightings (as UFOs are now increasingly being called) that were ignored or never reported, but today more military personnel report them and this leads to more others who dare to talk about it,” Beaty says, stating that the stigmatization of such things is gradually being eroded these days.

“It was much worse in the past. Officers actively avoided reporting or talking about encounters with the UAP, as the fear of career suicide was very real to them. Back then, reluctance to report or talk about meetings with the UAP was taken for granted.”

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