The universe had no beginning: scientists questioned the Big Bang theory

Astrophysicist Bruno Brento, together with colleagues from the University of Liverpool (UK), put forward a hypothesis, according to which the Big Bang, which gave birth to our Universe, is denied.

Scientists are sure that the universe had no beginning at all, that is, it turns out that it has always existed.

According to the popular Big Bang theory, our universe emerged about 14 billion years ago from a singularity point in the Big Bang.

However, the new theory of scientists denies this very explosion, and the universe had no beginning.

The fact is that quantum physics has a hard time coping with an explanation of gravity, which easily fits into Einstein’s theory of relativity, and this same theory does not work for the rest of natural forces.

To somehow balance this system of contradictions, scientists came up with the concept of singularity, which is a kind of area in which the laws of nature cease to work.

However, these contradictions still haunted scientists, so they drew attention to the theory of causal sets, which is based on the discrete structure of the world. This theory does not take into account any invented singularity, and, therefore, makes the Big Bang impossible.

Of course, this statement (or maybe a discovery) does not make life easier for scientists, but it gives more opportunities to look at many things from a different perspective, without getting hung up on the postulates of the theory of relativity.

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