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Robbie Williams paranormal

Robbie Williams thinks aliens are targeting him because he’s famous

Robbie Williams paranormalRobbie Williams, the iconic British singer who rose to fame in the 90s with the pop group ‘Take That’, has long attracted audiences with his chart-topping hits.

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However, beyond his music career, Williams harbors a profound interest in the mysterious and unexplained, particularly in unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Williams’ fascination isn’t a recent development; it has been a significant aspect of his life for years. His encounters with the unknown have not only piqued his curiosity but have also influenced his work, reports

In 2020, it was revealed that his hit song ‘Angels’ was inspired by his childhood experiences with paranormal entities.

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His interest in the paranormal led him to consider purchasing Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, a location infamous for its paranormal activity and UFO sightings.

Williams recounted a particularly striking experience in 2008 when a luminous orb appeared outside his studio while he played his song ‘Arizona’, which lyrically explores the theme of alien contact.

This orb’s appearance seemed to be synchronized with the song, vanishing when the music stopped, only to reappear when it played again.

“I’d just written a song called Arizona, and it’s all about alien contact and I was playing that,” he recalled. “I stood on the balcony and there was this big ball of gold light that turned up – we thought it was Venus or Mars or something.”

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“Then the song stops playing and it disappears.”

“But then we put Arizona on again and the ball turned back up. It happened four times.”

Williams has openly pondered the purpose behind his experiences, speculating whether his celebrity status is meant to serve as a platform for bringing attention to these otherworldly encounters.

“I sometimes think – and I try to separate narcissism and ego, unsuccessfully a lot of the time – but there’s lots of different theories that we all have to do with this stuff but I often wonder if I’m supposed to see it because of my public platform,” he said.

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“Am I supposed to see this so I can talk about it?”

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