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Legislator after classified briefing: UFOs may be Extradimensional Angels

Missouri Republican Rep. Eric Burlison said in a Tuesday podcast that UFOs/UAPs might be “angels” sent from God.

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“They may not fit exactly the Biblical narrative, but whenever I use the term ‘angels,’ to me, it’s synonymous with an extradimensional being,” Burlison told “That UFO Podcast.”

Burlison made these remarks following a classified congressional briefing on UFOs in early January, attended by him and a few other lawmakers.

The timing of the briefing raised suspicions, occurring shortly after Congress decided to withhold all government agency data on UFOs from the public, potentially indefinitely. Despite years of promises for disclosure, Burlison noted that the meeting did not significantly alter his views on aliens.

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“I think it’s more likely that it would be something extradimensional than it would be within this dimension,” he continued.

“And then, so what I’ll say is that when you start talking about things in that nature, that they’re extradimensional, well, in a lot of different scriptures, including the Bible and others, that’s really the way that you describe messengers of God or, you know, angels.”

Burlison’s musings come after he attended a classified briefing about UFOs this month, though he said after it that nothing he’d learned there had fundamentally shifted his worldview.

“There’s nothing that’s been said that’s changed my worldview,” he told the Kansas City Star. “I believe the veracity of the claims of the people who testified in the public hearing. Now, that being said, I believe that what they believe they said is true.”

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Burlison isn’t alone in musing about a connection between UFOs and religious texts.

“UFOs were in the Bible,” representative Tim Burchett (R-TN) claimed in 2021. “Read Ezekiel, it talks about the wheel flying around. So I mean, they’ve been around since we’ve been around and somebody needs to come up with some answers.”

Republican Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett also has brought up the connection between UFOs and biblical narratives, as reported by Fox59, and similar perspectives have been considered by international government agencies.

Many enthusiasts cite the apocryphal Book of Enoch as evidence supporting the idea that aliens are angels. According to this interpretation, fallen angels descended from the heavens and interbred with humans, resulting in a hybrid species known as the Nephilim.

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The Nephilim, in turn, supposedly imparted advanced technologies to humans, leading to negative consequences. Eventually, God intervened, causing a great flood to eliminate them and prevent further harm to creation.

While this is a simplified summary, the Book of Enoch has gained popularity in recent years due to its alignment with these themes.

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