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Your Sun Sign and Your Body: What You Need to Know

Body astrologyDid you know that your Sun sign influences your body’s health? Each astrological sign is predisposed to certain illnesses and conditions. See what your weak spots are, based on your sun sign.


Your sign rules the head. Aries folks are prone to headaches, migraines, and sinus infections. Also watch out for head injuries. Make sure you always wear a helmet when biking or skating.


Your sign rules the throat. Sore throats, strep throat, and laryngitis are likely to plague you. Be conscious of neck injuries as well. Mind how you twist and move your body to avoid strain.


Your sign rules shoulders to fingertips, as well as lungs, and the nervous system. You are more likely to suffer from asthma, breathing problems, anxiety, and repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.


Your sign rules the chest, breasts, and stomach. Digestion problems are often an issue. You may also have a tendency to put on weight. Make sure meals are healthy and eaten in a stress-free environment.


Your sign rules the heart and spine. Take good care of your back; ensuring it has proper support when sitting. As for your heart, follow your passion; otherwise heart disease could be a problem.


Your sign rules the digestive system, which means more than just the stomach. The intestinal tract, liver, spleen, and pancreas are all involved. Toxins can easily build up in your body, so be sure to eat pure, healthy foods.


Your sign rules the kidneys. You are susceptible to kidney stones as well as bladder problems. Make sure you’re drinking enough clean, pure water every day.


Your sign rules the sex organs. It’s obviously important to practice safe sex, but it’s also important that females have regular gynecological exams, while males have prostate exams.


Your sign rules the hips and thighs. Take precautions when running or exercising, as you are prone to injury in these areas. Also avoid sitting for extended periods or time.


Your sign rules the knees, joints, and bones. You are prone to joint pain and broken bones if not careful. Ensure you get enough calcium in your diet.


Your sign rules the ankles and lower legs. Circulation in these areas can sometimes be a problem. Watch out for edema or swelling in these areas. Be sure to raise your legs now and then.


Your sign rules the feet. Be mindful of stubbing toes and breaking bones. Also make sure you spend some time dancing for exercise and fun.

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