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Spirituality shield

Your Psychic Security System: What It Is And How To Activate It

Spirituality shieldYou wouldn’t leave your house without locking the door, would you? The same goes for your car. You probably even have a security system.

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Well, your aura, chakras and energy are also valuable possessions that need protection. Thankfully you can install and activate your own “psychic security system.”


A psychic security system is really just a high-tech term for psychic or energetic protection. But in no way does that lessen its importance.

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Having such a system ensures that your energetic vibrations are self-contained. It keeps your aura (or energetic field) from expanding into unsafe territory, while at the same time preventing intruders (psychic vampires) from sneaking in to steal your energy.

Your chakras are also covered under a psychic security system. Thieves don’t always target just the aura; sometimes they like to focus on a particular chakra in order to grab its specialized energy.

Unscrupulous characters are often attracted to the sexual energy of the sacral chakra or will try to hook into your heart energy.


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Now that you know what a psychic security system is and what it can do, it’s time for installation.

Just like physical home or vehicle security systems, there are different types of psychic security systems. They all perform the same function; only the styles and equipment vary.

For your personal system you can use the bubble system, the mirror system or the shield system. Each one will protect your aura and chakras.

To install the bubble system, simply visualize a bubble around your aura. Recommended colors are white, gold or violet, which all symbolize protection.

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To use the mirror system, visualize outward facing mirrors all around your aura. This way if anyone attacks, their energy will reflect back on them, instead of penetrating your field.

For the shield system, visualize a shield in front of your body. You can decorate it any way you’d like or you can use the protective colors. Mentally program your shield to continually circle and monitor your energy field.

Activating your system is easy. Once you’ve created it, you’ve automatically activated it. However if you’d like, you can create a phrase or code that you use to consciously remind yourself it’s on.

Keeping your valuables safe is important, especially when it comes to your spiritual treasures!

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