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Wormhole Discovered Near Area 51 Where Time Slows Down

Researcher Joshua Warren has discovered a wormhole near Area 51 where time slows down by 20 milliseconds.

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According to him, the wormhole is located north of Las Vegas and not far from Area 51.

There may be a “Stargate” or a wormhole in this place, representing a gravitational expansion in time, which is a consequence of the fact that time flows at different speeds in areas with different gravitational potential, and the greater the gravitational anomaly, for example, in the immediate vicinity of a black hole, the slower time will pass.

Warren, interviewed by the paranormal Travel Channel, claims to have measured the period of time in certain areas between Las Vegas and Area 51 using a differential time meter. Recorded showed that time at that moment slowed down.

Time Expansion and DT-Meter

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Gravitational time dilation is the effect of a wave of time flowing at different speeds in different areas of gravitational potentials, when the greater the gravitational potential, such as the proximity of a black hole, the slower the time will flow.

Albert Einstein included this effect in the theory of relativity.

Some solutions to the equations of one of the founders of modern theoretical physics predict the possibility of space-time travel, but the most unusual predictions of this theory have not yet been fully confirmed.

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The meter used by Warren to measure the gravitational anomaly is a “differential time meter” (DT-Meter) invented by Silicon Valley engineer Ron Heath. According to the researcher, the measurement reveals an inexplicable expansion of the measured time, which can only occur in the presence of black holes or wormholes.

Warren also argues that this event should not occur under normal conditions, as measuring it in time would be difficult.

“This should not happen unless some unknown technology is being tested nearby that could affect the environment,” the expert explained.

While it remains a mystery what is really behind this strange phenomenon recorded by Warren, but the researcher is determined to continue research in Nevada in the hope of determining what is behind the temporal gravitational anomaly.

Area 51 UFO

“Area 51”

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Areas close to “Area 51”, in turn, are the epicenter of the mysterious sightings of UFOs and mysterious objects.

Perhaps these gravitational anomalies are related to the presence of real “Stargate” connected to Site S4?

“Or there are unknown underground bases that we don’t know about, extraterrestrial or terrestrial origin,” the researcher muses.

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The latest readings from Warren’s research from the area close to Area 51 indicate that a gravity shield with a large dimensional portal is being used at the secret base.

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