World’s largest snake with head the size of a human discovered

The world’s largest snake was found in the wilds of the Amazon. The 26-foot-long (almost 8 m) reptile has a human-sized head and weighs as much as 440 pounds (about 200 kg). An incredible discovery made in Brazil was shared by professor and TV presenter Frick Vonk, reports The Sun.

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The northern green anaconda that Professor Vonk saw turned out to be a real giant among snakes. Its size exceeded all expectations and ideas about how giant these creatures could be.

When compared to other species, such as the reticulated python, which was considered the largest up to this point (averaging a length of 20 feet 5 inches), one can understand how amazing the discovery was made by the scientist.

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“Green anacondas found in South America – in Venezuela, Suriname and French Guiana, apparently belong to a completely different species.

Although, at first glance, they look almost the same, the genetic difference between them is 5.5%, which is very a lot. For example, humans and chimpanzees are genetically different from each other by only 2%,” explains Vonk.

He named the new species Eunectes akayima, which is Latin for “Northern green anaconda.” The word “akayima” was taken from the indigenous languages ​​of northern South America and means “big snake”. Such a name, in his opinion, should reflect the greatness and importance of this reptile species in the natural world.

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“I’ve been studying the anaconda for 32 years, so the question is how many new species are there that we don’t know about.

If such an iconic animal has gone unnoticed for so many years, what about less visible and less studied animals and plants? This find makes us to think about the true diversity of South America,” says Wonka’s colleague, Professor Rivas.

In the video, researchers showed the amazing creature in all its grandeur. The anaconda, as thick as a car tire, evokes both horror and admiration.

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