World’s first levitating coin “UFO MP-1766” was released

Last week, the world’s first levitating coin, the UFO MP-1766, was unveiled at the Technical Forum in Berlin. This coin was created by the Polish Mint Mennica Polska for the National Bank of Cameroon. Experts are surprised by the futuristic design and unusual capabilities of the coin.

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The name “UFO MP-1766″ reflects not only the founding date of the Polish Mint – 1766, but also the coin’s ability to levitate, spinning smoothly in the air like an alien spacecraft (UFO).

The denomination of the coin is 1,766 Cameroonian francs, which is approximately US$2.91. However, this piece of engineering is worth far more than its face value, with a pre-order price of more than $1,000 per copy out of 510 available worldwide.

Director of Technical Planning and Production at Mennica Polska, Łukasz Karda, said: “The idea of ​​creating a flying coin seemed impossible, but thanks to the cohesive work of our team of experts from various departments of the company, we were able to make it a reality. Our secretive levitation technology uses a small motor activated by a magnetic field between a coin and a special platform.”

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Apart from its ability to levitate, UFO MP-1766 is also decorated with fluorescent elements that make it attractive in the dark. Mennica Polska is the only private organization in Poland legalized for the production of coins and investment products, and is also the only manufacturer of commemorative coins approved by the National Bank of Poland.

Lukas Carda stressed the importance of partnering with the “exotic” central bank of Cameroon to recognize the UFO MP-1766 as legal tender.

He said: “Our coin is not just a collectible, it is intended to become part of the financial system, and thanks to our contacts with central banks, this project is becoming a reality.”

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