Woman Writhes in Pain as Priests Perform an Exorcism

exorcismRare footage showing an exorcism in which evil spirits are being driven out of a woman in Argentina. See priests perform exorcism on screaming woman who was possessed by the devil.

This rare and disturbing footage has been released of a woman writhing around on the floor and screaming as an exorcism is performed on her in Argentina.

The 22-year-old woman, identified only by her first name Laura, is pinned to the ground as Bishop Manuel Acuna, 52, drives the evil spirits out of her.

As she screams ‘No, No’ and spits ‘Whore’ at one of the women holding her down, Bishop Acuna is heard muttering: “Leave, leave her now.”

Before the exorcism, locals gathered at the Lutheran Charismatic Church in the capital Buenos Aires, praying for her soul and redemption.

Bishop Acuna told them: “The demon exists.


Source: Youtube.com

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