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Woman wins $100,000 using numbers she saw in a dream

A woman from Virginia won a $100,000 jackpot from the state lottery’s Cash 5 drawing said her winning numbers came to her in a dream, reports

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Rose Jeter of Petersburg told Virginia Lottery officials that numbers 7-12-14-21-27 came to her in a dream a few years ago, and those were the numbers she picked for the ticket she bought from Mobile Express in Petersburg for Cash 5 lottery.

Jeter’s “dream numbers” came up in the Dec. 31 day drawing, earning her a $100,000 top prize.

As the woman herself admitted, she had a prophetic dream a relatively long time ago, but at first she did not believe all this and even tried to forget the numbers.

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“For some reason, they did not go out of my head”, told Rose.

Lottery officials said the numbers beat odds of 1 in 278,256 to bring Jeter the jackpot.

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