Woman reports ‘7ft tall creature’ in Kentucky

Bigfoot in forestWhen they saw something on the road, the woman and her husband were driving near Sandy Hook. The report submitted to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization describes how the couple met a large bipedal creature on 18 October just after 7:45 pm.

It was described as “very big in stature, thick legs, thick abdomen… at least 7ft tall” as well as being “the color of a tree, specifically the trees in that area, so like a grayish-brown, very earthy-tone.”

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The husband of the woman, whose eyes were at that time on the road, only saw a “strange shadow”.

Because of the mountainous nature of the area, the creature- whatever it was- had to descend a steep slope to reach the road and then dropped another steep slope on the other side.

The couple returned to the same place after the incident but could not find anything unusual.

“That night, the neighborhood dogs were behaving very strangely, barking and howling all night long,” the woman added. “One of them even acted as if he could see something in the distance, and began to growl and stalk before he took off to chase it. It was a very weird night.”

The full report can be found – here.

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