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Woman miraculously survived a lightning strike: “I was all glowing”

Angie Layton, 45, from Amesbury, Wiltshire, England, was at home preparing dinner in the kitchen on the evening of March 28, 2024.

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At some point, she touched the mixer with her hand, and held a metal colander with the other, and suddenly there was a powerful explosion, reports

“It literally felt like my whole kitchen just caught fire and went right through me. My girls were in the living room and they said they looked into the kitchen and my whole body was on fire. It was really scary.”

It is believed that it was a lightning strike and at that moment Layton felt as if she had “crashed into a wall at 100 miles per hour.”

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“It was like a real big blow, a huge shock. And after that my whole body felt tingling for 3-4 hours. It was like every nerve in my body just went crazy.

“I was examined by paramedics and they said they would tell others about it because they had never seen anything like this before.”

Paramedics gave her an ECG and found her heart to be normal. Then they said that as long as Layton felt well, she would not be taken to the hospital. And she herself felt almost “okay”. Except that she had a severe headache all night.

Her daughters, aged 19 and 23, said they saw their mother standing in the kitchen in “complete shock” and that her body seemed to be glowing.

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The lightning strike that struck Layton tore through her home, entering the antenna dish on the roof and then causing a fire in the kitchen.

And then lightning somehow (possibly through wires) “jumped” to the neighbors’ house and a fire broke out there too. Fortunately, both houses were not badly damaged.

“My whole body ached, it felt like I had been in a major training session. Every muscle and bone in my body ached.”

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“It felt like someone was looking out for me back then,” Layton says, suggesting that it was a Guardian Angel protecting her from worse consequences.

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