Woman from New York says Bigfoot has been coming to her for several months

Bigfoot in forest“I saw the eyes. It stood about 10-11 feet tall and my heart was racing,” says Jane Vespe.

Vespe lives in the town of Highland, Ulster County, which is quite interesting in itself, since the Highland is located in the Hudson River Valley, in an area where shaggy humanoid creatures are very often seen.

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Vespe says she’s seen what she believes is Bigfoot in the dark four times and took a video of what she saw.

“These eyes were really red and I looked out my window and I saw it. It was scary because it was standing on my lawn and I knew it was out there!”

Vespe says she frequently hears strange, loud noises at night and that the creature has carried garbage cans across her lawn, damaged a shed and often bangs on her house.

She repeatedly tried to film the creature, but since it only came at night, little could be seen on the video.

Jane also took some photographs with footprints of the yeti on her lawn.

The Yeti last came to her yard in early May, but Jane is sure that the creature comes to her much more often than she noticed it. Because she very often hears strange noises from her backyard at night.

The morning after that, Jane finds her trash cans overturned and scattered across the lawn, so she thinks that the Yeti is rummaging through her trash in search of scraps and then throws the cans at random.

She also said that something damaged her shed, which stands there in the backyard, and that the Yeti allegedly tried to damage her house itself several times.

It’s hard to say what’s really going on here. Maybe this woman is just looking for the attention of journalists, or maybe there was a flock of ordinary raccoons who love to dig in the garbage.

According to local cryptozoologists, at least one large yeti family lives in the Hudson Valley, and they allegedly regularly find facts of their existence in the form of traces, unusual structures from branches in the forests or eyewitness observations.

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