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Woman dressed as vampire was found drained of blood in old church

22-year-old Frenchwoman Auriane Nathalie Laisne liked to dress in dark clothes and, according to others, “looked like a vampire or a corpse.”

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She was probably one of those who are called goths; fans of this subculture are obsessed with the theme of death, like to visit abandoned old houses and cemeteries at night, and they also like vampire style.

Laisne also loved to “hunt ghosts” and had a boyfriend, 21-year-old Italian Teima Sohaib, from an Egyptian immigrant family, who shared her hobby.

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In the photo shown in the media, the murdered girl looks very young and looks more like a 14-year-old teenager. Journalists also point out that she was painfully thin.

Recently, Laisne’s dead body was found in an abandoned church in Italy. One of the tourists accidentally went there and came across a decomposing corpse, which lay there for at least several days.

The body was lying in the “fetal position” and it appears that she was deliberately placed as if she were sleeping. The condition of the body is described as “bloodless” and it is indicated that the girl was stabbed several times in the neck and stomach, and then also shot several times. Possibly posthumously.

Moreover, the blood that flowed from the girl’s body onto the floor was then carefully “scraped off and removed” by someone. Due to these strange circumstances, there are suspicions that Laisne’s murder, especially given her hobbies, may have been ritualistic and that she may even have done it voluntarily.

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At the moment, the police have already detained Sohaib, who is considered a suspect in her murder, but there is no more information on the case yet.

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