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Woman claims she ‘swapped souls’ with an alien as a child

42-year-old Kelly Tyler from London says that as a child, what some ufologists call “possession” happened to her – her previous soul left her body, and the soul of an alien creature entered in its place.

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Kelly was 8 years old when she became seriously ill with whooping cough. Her condition was very serious, she was losing weight quickly and the doctors had already said that they did not expect her to survive.

And when she was already very close to death, that very “possession” or “exchange of souls” occurred, as Kelly herself calls it. After which Kelly turned into “Star Seed”.

The term “Star Seed” originated in the 1970s during the New Age movement. According to the theory of current apologists, “star seeds” are the souls of extraterrestrial beings that arrive on Earth and inhabit people to help them move into the Golden Age.

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Starseeds spread goodness, love and knowledge as opposed to the base “vibrational forces” that control the earthly souls of people and prevent humanity from achieving prosperity.

It is believed that most extraterrestrial souls come from the Pleiades and Sirius star systems, but they can also come from the Andromeda, Orion, Arcturus or Lyra systems.

Recently, Kelly was invited to the This Morning program on the British television channel ITV. She says she calls herself a “star seed” because she doesn’t really like the name “alien soul.”

“There is a fear of aliens, but the Starseed is here to help humanity… Our role is not to make you look beyond humanity, but to help you return to who you truly were, to nature, animals and themselves. Most Star Seeds enter a person’s body at birth, so their soul is already born as a Star Seed, but this was not the case with me.”

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Kelly says that shortly before the “exchange of souls” happened to her, her grandmother began to often notice how her granddaughter was talking with some creature named Tom, whom no one could see.

“I was very sensitive as a child, even when I took a bath I would get blotchy and my lips would pout. I was quite a sick child. And the whole world was too tough for me. I would rather sit in the garden with bugs than interact with people. It was all too much for me.

“And Tom was just someone who was here before, and now he’s gone. He looked like a real person, I felt like I could touch him, he seemed really ordinary to me.

“So, I formed a friendship with this creature, I was 7 years old at the time. He appeared at the back of our garden. At first it looked like a stream of light, and then it began to show itself more, and we developed a telepathic relationship. I used to write about it and tell stories about it to my parents, and they thought, ‘What an active imagination this child has.'”

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Kelly says that after the “soul exchange” the soul from her body flew to the star Arcturus, which is the brightest star in the northern hemisphere. And that she later realized that she was a “star seed” when she had an “astral incident” in the deep meditative state.

“When I look back at my childhood, it’s like looking at my life in photographs. I have no emotional connection to being there and I have no emotional memories of what I was like before I was eight.”

For the doctors, the sudden recovery of a seriously ill girl was a miracle; of course, they did not know that there was now a different entity in this body. Kelly says her personality completely changed after the exchange.

“When I went back to school I had to catch up because I was sick for about six months, but now my allergies are gone, I don’t have kidney failure and my intelligence has changed. I wouldn’t say that my parents thought I was stupid, but I went from a not very smart child to a very bright one.

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“I took the entrance exam to a private school, even though they thought I had no chance of getting in. My social skills have also improved, I’m less shy and less introverted than before. There were significant changes in me, and no one understood why.”

Kelly explains that Starseed’s mission on Earth is to “help people understand what it means to be human.”

“We want people to have more compassion for other living beings so that they can exist in harmony. It’s about helping people reconnect with themselves and raise the ‘frequency’ of the planet.”

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Kelly says she can still visit other planets (apparently astrally) and is connected to Earth by a “purple umbilical cord.” However, other entities persistently asked her not to do this, because it would distract her from her mission on Earth.

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