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Woman buried alive spent 10 hours in grave

The 36-year-old woman was found buried in the municipal cemetery of Visconde do Rio Branco. Workers noticed fresh cement and blood near the grave, and then they heard screams coming from inside, reports

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Finding blood and fresh cement, the gravediggers immediately called the rescue service. Arriving workers removed the victim, who, as it turned out later, was underground for about 10 hours.

The woman is currently in intensive care and her finger may need to be amputated, hospital officials say.

Local media reported that on March 28, the mother of four was beaten, dragged out of her home and taken to the cemetery. Police confirm that two men have already been arrested and they are looking for a third.

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“There is still a man who is on the run,” police chief Douglas Moto said.

The woman said that all this happened due to the fact that she “inappropriately” kept banned substances and weapons at home.

“There is still an individual who is on the run,” police chief Douglas Moto said. “We are still working incessantly to be able to locate this individual and as soon as possible make the arrest, and then leave them at the disposal of the justice [sytem].”

The assailants dragged her from the house, took her to the cemetery and bundled her inside the tomb.

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The woman said she realised she was trapped once she had regained consciousness.

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