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Woman accidentally captures Bigfoot while photographing her dog

A woman, who wished to remain anonymous, sent American researcher of mysterious creatures Lon Strickler a curious photo that her friend took in the area of ​​Mount Roan, North Carolina, USA.

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A friend was walking near the mountain with her dog and when she took this picture, she just wanted to take a photo of the dog against the backdrop of a snowy forest and mountains.

Only later, looking through the photos she took, she noticed something dark in the background and very similar to a man covered from head to toe with hair.

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The photo was taken in February 2015. According to the author of the letter, her friend is a very honest person and would never invent such things.

She also revealed that her friend loves to walk in nature, go hiking and had thoughts that Bigfoots might be real, but she never thought about meeting creature herself.

Since the woman discovered the Bigfoot in her picture, she decided to learn more about this creature and began to listen to different podcasts and look for all kinds of information about them.

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The author of the letter clarifies that her friend took many other pictures in the area, but only one of them displayed this creature, whoever it was.

According to Lon Strickler, the site is next to the so-called Appalachian Trail, a popular hiking trail and the trail is regularly spotted with strange hairy bipedal creatures.

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