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Will the Human Civilisation Survive After a Nuclear War?

We live in a time when russia begins to scare the whole world with nuclear weapons and political tensions in the world have reached the stage when many start wondering whether the human civilization may survive a nuclear catastrophe. One may hear many expert opinions about post-apocalyptic topics.

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According to the authors of Telegram channel Mayday. Chronicles of Nose-Diving, pandemics of various deadly infections, abrupt climate change, and disasters at nuclear and chemical facilities remain most important threats to mankind, not to mention the worst scenario of a global nuclear war.

As for the issue of reviving human civilization per se, researchers believe that a little more than a hundred people with an equal gender balance would be enough for humans to survive.

The set of genes in descendants will allow the new human civilisation to survive and develop (the example of the Maori is indicative here).

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One should also take into account the offensive of nature. If urban development is not supported by life support systems, nature will take its toll very quickly.

Plants will take over all ruins in just a few years, like it happened in Abkhazia. For example, the Tkuarchal regional power plant in Abkhazia used to be a state regional power plant that supplied energy to the industrial city of Tkuarchal and its environs. It was built in the 1950s and was the main consumer of coal mined from Tkuarchal.

Later, in the late 1980s, the regional power station switched to natural gas. During the 1992-1993 Georgian-Abkhaz war, it was demolished, and still remains in deplorable condition beyond repairs.

People will survive and find something to do. Villagers will find it easier to survive because they will be able to return to farming, agriculture and cattle breeding. They will need primitive agricultural tools to ensure the survival of villages.

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The main problem will be the preservation and revival of scientific knowledge. Gadgets and appliances, like other technologically complex products that require advanced production, cannot be reproduced from scratch. The people themselves will be busy with completely different problems.

Descendants of scientists and professors, forced to engage in hunting and gathering, are unlikely to be able to convey their knowledge about the structure of the solar system to their descendants.

One needs to think about such a development of events before the very fact of the end of the world. Otherwise, the world will plunge into another stone age.

Analysts of the “Older than Edda” project believe that the possible replenishment of the nuclear club does not seem to be something unprecedented. Technically, a third of UN member states are capable of creating a nuclear bomb. It is more difficult to develop vehicles to deliver nuclear bombs, but there is nothing particularly complicated in the very creation of a nuclear weapon.

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In fact, the only thing that protects us from the mass production of weapons of the Apocalypse is the dilapidating system of the post-war world order and the hegemony of the United States.

Germany and Japan, for example, are ready to create not only warheads, but also excellent delivery vehicles within a year.

Turkey does not have such technical support for the process, but the problem is that its transition to the ranks of nuclear powers will not bug the West too much.

France and the UK are not ready to let Germany possess nuclear weapons. The United States will oppose Japan as much as possible, and Turkey in this case will look like an ideal candidate for joining the club of supremacists.

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* – The editors of refuse to show respect for the occupiers and murderers and will write some proper names exclusively and fundamentally with a small letter. No war!

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