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Wife heard a voice from the grave and found her husband alive

In an unbelievable turn of events, a man in Guangxi province, China was found alive after being buried in his own grave, throwing the entire village into a frenzy, reports

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The man’s wife, who had rushed home from work to attend his funeral, was in shock when she believed she heard her husband’s voice from underground. With the help of her neighbours, they quickly dug him up and discovered that he was indeed alive, having spent some time underground in his own grave.

This incredible incident left the village in disbelief as the couple was reunited.

According to local customs, the wife was to bow three times before her husband’s burial site, but as she was completing the ceremony, she heard faint sounds coming from underground. Her son, too, was able to hear the strange sounds and they both started to wonder if the grave was the source of these strange noises.

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Desperate to understand what was happening, the wife pressed her ear to the ground, calling out her husband’s name. Clear as day, she heard him respond, “Let me out.” And so, the search for help to rescue her husband began.

Astonished by this bizarre turn of events, neighbours didn’t have time to dwell on questions, instead sprinting to the gravesite to help dig the man up. Once the coffin had been retrieved, the wife pried open the lid without hesitation.

To her shock and relief, her husband was indeed still alive. She quickly embraced her miraculous spouse, who had just escaped the clutches of death, reported Sanook.

It is well known that the husband and wife, who married with aid from a matchmaker, were from financially struggling families.

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Over time, the husband suffered from a serious illness, and despite spending large amounts of money on medical treatment, his health remained poor. As a result, the wife had to leave home for work, entrusting the care of her husband to his parents.

On the day of the incident, the husband’s mother had brought him food as usual, only to find him unresponsive on his bed. He was cold to the touch, and even the local village doctor declared him dead, after examining his lack of pulse and breath.

His mother contacted her daughter-in-law at work, informing her of her husband’s death and urging her to return home for the funeral ceremony.

The extraordinary revival of this man and its causes were subsequently investigated at the hospital. It transpired that he had been afflicted with severe diabetes, with a blood sugar level of 38.5, compared to the typical 5.9 level recorded in healthy individuals.

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Having gone untreated for an extended period, his body suffered from extreme dehydration, leading to a weakened pulse that had been mistaken for his death. His sudden awakening in the coffin was likely due to a sharp lack of oxygen.

Fortunately, the hospital was made aware of the couple’s financial difficulties, and they decided to cover the cost of the husband’s treatment in entirety. The recovery of the husband and the outstanding support of the community stand testament to the importance of unity and sheer human determination.

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