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Why UFOs and Contact Experiences Challenge the ET Hypothesis

Dr. Jacques Vallée is one of the most respected researchers in the field of UFOs and contact experiences. He has been studying these phenomena for over 60 years, and has authored many books and articles on the subject. He is also known for his role as the inspiration for the character of Claude Lacombe in Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

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Dr. Vallée’s approach to UFOs and contact experiences is different from the mainstream view that assumes they are physical manifestations of extraterrestrial intelligence.

He argues that these phenomena are more complex and mysterious than that, and that they challenge our conventional notions of reality, space and time.

In a recent interview with Underground Contact, Dr. Vallée shared some of his insights and findings from his decades of research. He explained why he is skeptical of the ET hypothesis, and why he thinks contact experiencers should study the results of his investigations.

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Dr. Vallée said that he does not deny the possibility of extraterrestrial life, but he does not think that it can explain all the aspects of UFOs and contact experiences.

Dr. Jacques Vallée

He said that there are many cases where the UFOs seem to interact with human consciousness, display paranormal abilities, or appear in symbolic forms that have cultural or personal significance.

He also said that there are many similarities between UFOs and contact experiences and other types of anomalous phenomena, such as fairy lore, religious visions, shamanic journeys, or psychic phenomena. He suggested that these phenomena may be manifestations of a hidden aspect of reality that we do not fully understand, and that may have a deeper connection to our own consciousness.

Dr. Vallée said that he has been collecting and analyzing data from thousands of cases of UFOs and contact experiences from around the world, using scientific methods and tools.

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He said that he has found patterns and correlations that indicate that these phenomena are not random or chaotic, but rather follow some kind of logic or intelligence.

He said that he has also found evidence that these phenomena have been occurring throughout human history, and that they may have influenced our culture, religion, science, and technology in subtle ways. He has also discovered clues that suggest that these phenomena may have a purpose or a message for humanity, but that we have not yet decoded it.

In the documentary, producer Jason Charboneau lists Vallee’s reasons for challenging the ET Hypothesis. These appeared in an article Vallee published in 1990 in The Journal of Scientific Exploration.

“First: he argued that there were far more landings and contacts than would be necessary for an interplanetary survey or surveillance operation. By his and others estimates there must have been 3 million UFO landings around the world in the last 20 years, an impossibly large number.

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Second: UFOs and ufonauts rarely flew away or walked off. When they left, often they simply vanished blinked out of existence or slowly faded away. This suggests that the craft and occupants were more like projections than physical things.

Third: the bodies, actions, and the abilities of the ufonauts do not suggest an extraterrestrial or evolutionary origin. Often the aliens were identical to humans, spoke our languages and were perfectly capable of breathing our air and walking in our gravity.

Fourth: Vallee noted that most of the ufonauts revelations, especially those concerning their origins were nonsense and almost entirely different from one another. Ufonauts claimed to be from just about everywhere in the universe and frequently gave directions or offered maps that made no logical sense such as the two-dimensional star map shown to Betty Hill.

Fifth: finally, Vallee argued that the data collected from cases of so-called alien abduction were unreliable and again involved highly unlikely scenarios. For example, abductees frequently describe highly invasive and painful medical procedures in order to achieve tasks that even doctors in the 1980s could have done with minimal discomfort.”

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Dr. Vallée said that he thinks contact experiencers should study the results of his investigations, because they may help them understand their own experiences better, and also because they may reveal something important about our reality and ourselves. He hopes that his work will inspire more open-minded and rigorous research on these phenomena, and that he welcomes collaboration with other researchers and experiencers.

Dr. Vallée concluded by saying that he thinks UFOs and contact experiences are a fascinating and important topic, and that he will continue to pursue his quest for the truth behind them.

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