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Why Some People Become Ghosts After Death?

ghost-reachingWhy some individuals become ghosts after death? Actually, nearly all cultures in this world believe in ghosts. There are a lot of reasons but let us discuss a few of the common beliefs which are widely believed in India.

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All of us are scared of ghosts. The mere thought would shiver us.

When we come to know that all of us might become ghosts after death, the very idea would scare us more. Anyone would like to reach heaven if at all death occurs. Ghosts are scary and unholy. That is the reason why we try to embrace holy principles irrespective of the religion we follow.

Almost all religions have shown certain steps to lead a good life so that one can free oneself from the idea of becoming a ghost after death. Wondering why we become ghosts after death? Read the reasons below.

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Lack of spiritual beliefs

Some cultures believe that a dead person tends to become a ghost when he or she has not followed any spiritual practices when alive. This is the reason why most of the traditions urge people to embrace positive spiritual principles and follow an ideal life when alive.

All of us have seen our elders pestering us to embrace a good spiritual path and attain liberation. All religions have their own set of spiritual rules to help people lead a balanced life and attain liberation after death. Scriptures say that an enlightened man is free from both life and death. Such a person will never become a ghost after death.

Unfulfilled desires

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The first and the foremost reason why people become ghosts after death is unfulfilled desires. Almost all cultures in the world believe in this.

Greed and attachments

A person who is greedy or is obsessed with material wealth will have more chances of becoming a ghost soon after death, according to some schools of thought. Attachment to wealth or wine will also make a person a ghost after death. Just like unfulfilled desires, attachments bind the soul of a person to earthy pleasures and this is the reason why such souls turn into ghosts after their physical lives end.

Did you understand why we become ghosts after death? This is the reason why almost all spiritual traditions urge us to reduce attachments and stay away from lust and greed. In fact, great philosophers have always said that desire is the main reason behind all misery.

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A strong ego

A person with strong ego might surely turn into a ghost after death because he would surely have unfinished business on this planet. A soul gets free and reaches other realms only after doing away with this physical realm. This is why people become ghosts.

Negative thinking patterns

Do we become ghosts after death? Those who think negatively, tend to make their minds poisonous. Such a poisonous mind would always be filled with negative emotions such as anger, misery and depression. When a person fills his life with negativity, the chances of becoming a ghost after death would increase.

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In fact, that is why our elders ask us to fill our lives with positive thoughts. In fact, keeping our minds and surroundings positive will helps us a lot even after death. Positive energy heals and helps both our bodies and souls.


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