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Why do UFO disks wobble? UAPs that control gravity and spacetime itself

A recent article from the Liberation Times delves into a peculiar characteristic observed in UAP: the wobble of disc-shaped UFOs.

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Eyewitness accounts have frequently reported a distinctive wobble in rotating discs, akin to a coin teetering on its edge before settling.

This motion, distinct from other UFO shapes such as triangles or spheres, has puzzled observers and experts alike. The Liberation Times article, drawing insights from a senior aerospace engineer, sheds light on possible explanations behind this unique behavior.

Lieutenant Ryan Graves attested that the Gimbal object also wobbled post video cut-out.

The engineer suggests that the propulsion systems of these vehicles might be manipulating gravity and spacetime itself. This advanced propulsion could potentially be powered by negative matter or zero-point energy, allowing for the bending of spacetime to facilitate movement.

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As these discs decelerate, the distortion in spacetime lessens, resulting in the observable wobble.

Furthermore, the spinning motion, often associated with saucer-shaped UFOs, may serve as a stabilization mechanism or part of the propulsion system. When the forward momentum ceases, the disc begins to wobble, much like a spinning coin does.

Screenshot from the ‘Gimbal’ UFO video which includes US Navy pilots exclaiming ‘look at that thing!’

However, if the disc were to continue spinning through its own power, it could theoretically maintain this wobble indefinitely, counteracting friction and air resistance.

This perspective offers a fresh look at the physics of UFOs, moving beyond the traditional concept of antigravity. Instead of being massless entities within an antigravity bubble, these vehicles still possess mass and are subject to gravitational forces.

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The proposed propulsion system would create a repulsive gravitational field, akin to a flat sheet of spacetime, allowing the UFO to hover or move slowly.

While the true nature of these phenomena remains elusive, such explorations contribute to the ongoing discourse and may one day unlock the secrets of these mysterious visitors in our skies.

For a more in-depth exploration of this topic, the full article is available for readers seeking to understand the intricacies of UFO physics and the potential technologies at play.

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