Why do people see reptilians?

Sometimes you have to read stories that reptilians live among us – creatures that are similar in description to prehistoric lizards.

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There is even an opinion that some people are actually reptilians. And they allegedly came from another planet. In fact, such visions are easy to cause with the help of certain chemicals. This has been proven by scientific and medical experiments.

They are everywhere

Evidence and mention of reptilians are found in almost all ancient world cultures. For example, figurines of creatures resembling dinosaurs, about 7,000 years old, were found on the territory of Mesopotamia.

The ancient Sumerian texts tell about the Anunnaki, who at one time ruled over the inhabitants of the earth and also looked very much like lizards.

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The Indian Vedas mention the serpentine race of Nagas, who are able to change shape. The Zulus have myths about the Chitauri, sinister creatures with the heads of pythons.

South American Indians once revered Quetzalcoatl, a deity whose name translates as “Feathered Serpent”. Finally, the people of Asia believed that emperors were descended from heavenly dragons.

In our time, information also periodically appears about meetings with reptilians (that is, creatures that look like reptiles), moreover, intelligent ones. Often they are identified as aliens from outer space.

Experiences with psychedelics

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In 1990, the University of New Mexico was researching the psychedelic drug N-dimethyltryptamine, better known as DMT. This substance is of natural origin and is found in both plant and animal organisms.

The experiments were supervised by physician and assistant professor of psychology Rick Strassman. They involved 60 volunteers who received more than 40 injections of the drug.

All subjects were physically and mentally relatively healthy, had different ages, genders, nationalities, professions and religious beliefs. Also, according to the conditions of the experiments, they did not maintain any contact with each other.

During the study, participants were asked in detail about their condition. And more than half of the volunteers said they experienced almost the same hallucinations.

“Cold and fearsome”

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First, colorful pictures appeared before the eyes of the subject, as in a kaleidoscope, and a vibrating sound was heard in the ears. Then the person, as it were, flew out of his body and found himself in a room filled with strange devices.

And then there were creatures that looked like lizards. They had large eyes, webbed paws, sharp claws, and their skin looked very tough.

Sometimes there were also robots, creatures that looked like huge praying mantises and gray men from science fiction films about aliens. But the main ones, apparently, were the reptilians. They telepathically communicated with people.

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Almost everyone described them as “cold and indifferent”, “smart and quick-witted”. In addition, the subjects recalled that when dealing with reptilians, they felt intense fear. At the same time, people were under the impression.

Why the DMT-induced hallucinations were the way they were is still unknown. Some researchers suggest that the drug activated previously dormant areas of the human brain.

Modern physicists believe that a person is able to perceive only 0.005% of the visible light spectrum. And beyond our perception, a wide variety of life forms can exist. There are those who believe that the psychedelic opens a portal to another dimension.

But, one way or another, this information is a reason to think: if in an altered state of consciousness, without any suggestion from the outside, people see the same pictures, maybe these things and mysterious entities really exist or once existed, and now they were transmitted through gene memory?

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