Whoopi Goldberg confirms aliens are among us: ‘They’re already here’

In a recent twist that could rival any science fiction plot, Whoopi Goldberg, renowned actress and co-host of ‘The View’, has once again stirred the pot of extraterrestrial speculation.

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Known for her iconic role as the wise Guinan in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” Goldberg’s familiarity with otherworldly beings has always been confined to the realm of fiction—or so we thought.

During an engaging segment of ‘The View’, comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani playfully speculated on the idea of aliens postponing their visit until humanity gets its act together. Goldberg’s response was unexpectedly earnest.

“They’re already here,” she declared, suggesting that extraterrestrial beings have been observing us for quite some time.

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“They’re already… They’ve been here for quite some time.”

A stunned Nanjiani turned to Goldberg for further information, as she did not elaborate on how — or why — she knows such information. “And what are they doing?” he asked, to which she responded: “They’re watching us.”

“They’re watching us?” Nanjiani asked, before Sara Haines attempted to soften the impact of Goldberg’s stunning revelation with some levity. “She talks to ghosts, not aliens. Duh,” Haines said, referencing Goldberg’s role in the classic movie Ghost. “I got you, girl.”

This isn’t Goldberg’s first foray into the topic of the unknown. In 2023, following a congressional hearing on UFOs, she hinted at having prior knowledge of the information presented, particularly regarding non-human entities.

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Her comments have left many wondering: does Whoopi Goldberg possess undisclosed knowledge about alien life?

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