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Who Were You In A Past Life? Ways To Find Out

past lifeButcher, baker, candlestick maker? Who were you in a past life? Although most us weren’t rich or famous, we’ve all had interesting lives regardless. So how can you find out who you might have been?

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Have you ever had vivid dreams about living in different times and places? Perhaps you can describe them in extreme detail, from the type of clothing you wore to the food you ate. Maybe you can identify the scenery of a particular country or town. These specifics often indicate a past life you’ve experienced.

Déjà vu is another clue to who you were in a past life. If a place feels familiar, despite you never having been there before, you were likely a resident there during another lifetime.

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With dreams and déjà vu, follow your intuition to find out who you were. Pay attention to your feelings and the initial thoughts that pop into your head. For example, you may get “teacher,” “soldier” or “merchant.” Don’t doubt yourself—chances are you’re right on the money.


You can also find out who you were by examining historical and personal references. Do you have a particular affinity for a certain period of history? Is the Old West a favorite? Maybe you love the Middle Ages, castles and cathedrals. Or perhaps ancient Egypt fascinates you. These are all clues about your past life identities.

Personal preferences and idiosyncrasies can also tell you a thing or two. For example, if you love sailing, chances are you were a sailor in a past life.

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Although dreams and personal likes can give you some great clues, to get more specific details about your past lives, there’s nothing like hypnosis or a psychic reading.

Hypnotists who specialize in past life regression can actually take you back to those past lives where you can re-experience them. Not only can it be fascinating, it can also help you understand your present life better. You may discover issues that need to be healed or strengths that you can tap into.

Psychic readings can also tell you who you were. Most readers can access the Akashic Records, which house information about every soul and its many journeys.

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Finding out who you were in a past life is exciting, but more importantly, it can help you discover who you want to be.

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