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Who sends us signals? FAST telescope detects new COSMIC radio bursts

Signal spaceThe newest Chinese telescope has recorded new fast FRB radio bursts from different points of the universe. In total, three signals were received.

According to the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the recorded bursts occurred more than one billion years ago, during the formation of the universe.

The signals do not contain important information, so the main discoveries with the FAST telescope are yet to come. The equipment is the world’s largest single-aperture radio telescope with a reflector area of ​​thirty football fields.

The telescope is located in the depression of Guizhou province, which is located in the southwest of the country. The equipment has been actively used by astronomers since January 11, 2020.

Fast radio bursts are extremely short bursts of radio waves that reach our planet from the most distant points in space.

Scientists still cannot understand where they are formed and under what circumstances. The signals are in some way unique, which attracts the attention of specialists.

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