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Who Are The Real Masters Of The Earth And What Are Their Plans For Homo Sapiens?

Earth is some kind of experimental nature reserve or farm owned by aliens who control the development of mankind, says a controversial theory that has a surprisingly large following.

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So who are the real masters of the Earth? And what are their plans for Homo sapiens?

Charles H. Fort (1874-1932) – American writer and journalist, collector of stories about strange and inexplicable events, admitted that there are many indications that people are under the care of other, much more powerful beings:

“I think that we are someone’s property, (…) we belong to someone. At one time, when the Earth was still a draw, representatives of other worlds explored it and colonized it, and even fought for it among themselves, due to why it is now in someone’s possession,” he wrote in The Book of the Damned (ed. 1919).

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What exactly did he mean? According to Fort, supernatural phenomena show that we still know relatively little about the world around us, and some cases (for example, encounters with strange creatures and vehicles) suggest that another intelligent race lives on Earth besides humans.

These “someones” do not come into direct contact with Homo sapiens, considering the existence of our species as a “necessary evil”. Why?

“Suppose we can civilize geese, piglets, cattle, etc. Will we then establish diplomatic relations with chickens that are proud of their heritage?” Fort explained.

Simply put, aliens (or some of the real “masters of the earth”) carry out their plan on “our planet”, not caring about the people who sometimes see them. However, the most interesting thing is that Fort did not know the terms “UFO” or “flying saucer”, since they started talking about unidentified flying objects only a dozen years after his death.

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Nevertheless, based on the information he collected, he came to the conclusion that forces are operating on our land for which we are not partners in conversation, but something like pests or guinea pigs.

Human farm

A supporter of Fort’s theory and its successor (albeit in a somewhat modified form) is the Spanish ex-Jesuit Salvador Fraicedo (1923) – an extremely colorful and controversial figure. Born into a religious family, he, like his brother and sister, decided to devote his life to serving God.

While serving in Latin America, he faced huge social inequalities and pathologies in the bosom of the Church, for criticizing which he was imprisoned in Venezuela.

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After leaving the order, in the 70s, Fracedo pursued his second passion – it was UFOs and supernatural phenomena, about which he collected “a ton” information demonstrating that both aliens and aliens from parallel realities, standing on the ladder of evolution above man, consider the Earth as a field for experimentation and obtaining all sorts of benefits,” he argued in his most famous book “Human Farm. The Invisible Masters of the Earth” (1988 ed.).

“Our world is like a big city. For example, there is a sky where birds fly. Then there are rooftops where cats move. Below are streets where people, dogs, and so on are side by side.

“When we consider them as different levels of being, we find that there is a vast world of pipes and wells, which also have their inhabitants. Sometimes creatures move from one level to another, but it is difficult for a rat to understand why a person descends into a well,” Fracedo wrote, explaining that he was as surprised as that rat , are people meeting earthlings of a “higher order”.

What do these creatures want from us? According to Fracedo, they have very different goals and approaches to the person. It seems to some that a big sociological project called “humanity” is taking place on Earth, in which THEY manage the development of Homo sapiens and are responsible for the creation of religions, which the ex-Jesuit recognized as “opium for the people”:

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“Aliens created religions for humans to control our thinking. For this, for thousands of years, special people have been used (prophets-founders of great religions). Each of the religions seems to have a specific purpose, although we do not know what it is in overall design. Most likely, this is due to the mental, social and emotional mood that each of them creates,” he wrote.

The purpose of these “manipulations” is not completely clear, although, perhaps, using the principle of ” divide and conquer”, the real masters of the Earth make sure that Homo sapiens does not reach a higher level of development, and does not violate their plans, which may be associated, for example, with the colonization of the Blue Planet.

“The earth is a farm,” wrote Fracedo about our situation. “It’s kind of like a rationally run animal farm. It’s the brutal truth and it won’t change anything. It’s hard for the animals to revolt against the breeders because they’re smarter and can predict their behavior.

“And because the farm is smartly run, the animals feed on ideology to prevent their rebellion. But this is not enough. It is necessary to come up with such a set of moral values that people, in their opinion, are constantly occupied with conflicts and struggles among themselves,” he concluded.

The Zoo Hypothesis

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Fort and Fricedo’s views sound like science fiction, however, you should know that the hypothesis that humanity is a “colony” observed or controlled by alien intelligence has also been taken up by scientists.

One of them was the American astronomer John A. Ball , who in the 70s, in search of a solution to the Fermi paradox, came to the conclusion that aliens can consider the Earth as a big reserve and watch us.

“It is possible that alien civilizations are interested in us. Their scientists can study us. Perhaps we even seem curious to them … Therefore, aliens can quietly watch us, but they do not interfere. This is the Zoo Hypothesis,” Ball explained.

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A different approach to the question of the “humanity overseers” is taken by the proponents of the hypothesis that considers the universe as a super-task of computer simulation created by beings from a parallel universe.

The discussion of this topic was revived, a few years ago, by the physicist Silas Bean , who argued that there is a hypothetical possibility to determine whether we are the inhabitants of someone else’s computer (although at the moment this is beyond our technical capabilities).

A lot of comments were also raised by the opinions of Merrill Lynch analysts , according to which the chances that we are living in a simulation are 20-50%.

“A simulated world in which self-sufficient creatures live,” wrote a futurologist and one of the creators of the mentioned hypothesis, prof. Hans Moravec . “It (the world) can exist as a program on a computer that silently processes data in some dark corner, without revealing any information about the pains and joys, successes and disappointments of the person inside.

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“In a simulation, events occur in accordance with the stated logic of the program, which determines the laws of physics that prevail there. A resident of a simulation, through careful experimentation and deduction, can come to the conclusion what some of these laws are, but never know about the existence of the simulation itself, “he added.

Who can be the creators of space simulators and what are they for people? And are they responsible for the mystery of the “anthropic principle” which says that fundamental physical constants have been “tuned” to allow life to exist in the form we know?

However, we cannot say anything definite about the cosmic demiurges – gods-programmers who developed our reality.

According to scientists, these may be creatures from a parallel universe, or, as philosopher Nick Busström admits, our descendants from a very distant future, who, having computers with enormous computing power, could create a simulation of the life of their ancestors, starting their history anew as part of an experiment, the scale of which is difficult for us to understand, but not for those creatures who develop computer technology on over several thousand years.

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So, are we really someone else’s property in some form or another? And is a project really being implemented in which we play a marginal role?

Unfortunately, there are no concrete answers, and it is rather difficult to say whether the search for “leaders” is not an attempt to find the elusive “God”, only in a different guise and under a different name.

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