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Whistleblower David Grush is Not Alone in UAP Recovery Program Claims

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has stated that whistleblower David Grusch is not the only individual to have come forward with testimony regarding UAP recovery and back-engineering programs being undertaken by elements within the U.S. government, but that the Senator and his colleagues have personally spoken to individuals with “very high clearances” that “have first-hand knowledge, or first-hand claims” of these illegally-run programs.

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Speaking in an interview with NewsNation’s Joe Khalil, Senator Rubio said that “there are people that have come forward to share information with our committee over the last couple of years,” referring to the witness heard by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, of which Rubio is currently Vice Chair.

He stated that as a group, they are “people that are both in the service of our government and some who used to serve in the past, and some of whom are publicly out there saying these things,” along with individuals that have, for various reasons, remained anonymous.

“I would imagine some of them are potentially some of the same people that [David Grusch is] referring to,” Rubio continued.

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He also stated that “A lot of these people came to us even before protections were in the law for whistleblowers to come forward.” The Senator also stated that these individuals had “first-hand knowledge, or first-hand claims” of these UAP recovery and research programs.

“Some are public figures, and we’ve heard from them in the past; others have not shared publicly.”

When asked about whether or not he found the witnesses he personally spoke to be credible, Rubio replied “I don’t find them either not credible or credible,” and that it is important to understand that “some of these claims are things that are beyond the realm of what any of us has ever dealt with.

“What I think we owe them is just a mature understanding, listening and trying to put all these pieces together and just sort of intake the information without any prejudgment or jumping to any conclusions in one direction or another,” the Senator said.

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Regarding the witnesses’ credentials, Rubio said that most of them either hold or at least had held “very high clearances, high positions within our government, so you do ask yourself what incentive would so many people with that kind of qualification—these are serious people—would have to come forward and make something up?”

Rubio is also taking the personal security of the witnesses very seriously. “I am trying to be protective of these people,” Rubio said.

“Some of these people still work in the government, and frankly a lot of them are very fearful, fearful of their jobs, fearful of their career, and some, frankly, are fearful of harm coming to them, and so I want to be very respectful of that, because I don’t want to discourage others from coming forward.”

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