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Where Do Tourists Disappear Without a Trace in the Mountains?

Of course, the mountains have always been considered a rather dangerous place. But it’s not just about the risk of falling off a steep cliff, falling under a landslide, or, say, becoming a victim of wild animals.

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There are many cases related to the mysterious disappearances of people in the mountains. And not in every case at least the remains are found …

Perilous Valley of Shadows

In the Himalayas, in the north of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, among the snow-capped mountains lies the valley of Kulantapit (Kullu for short). Translated, it means “End of the inhabited world.” But more often this place is called the “Valley of Shadows” or “Valley of the Gods”.

According to legend, the god Shiva meditated here for more than 1000 years. However, the sacred place is by no means safe for tourists coming here.

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According to statistics, in the last fifteen years alone, about two dozen people have disappeared in the Valley of Shadows, all of them foreigners.

The most notorious was the disappearance in 1996 of 21-year-old University of Bristol student Ian Mogford . He was last seen at the local temple. When the search began, it turned out that for some reason Mogford’s name was not even in the guest book of the house where he lived. Although there was evidence that he stayed there.

The following year, 1997, Canadian student Ardavan Taherzadeh disappeared . In 1999, the 21-year-old son of the Dutch banker Maarten de Bruyne . These were not found either alive or dead.

In 2000, our compatriot Alexei Ivanov disappeared . It is known that he planned to go on a three-week hike through the Valley of Shadows.

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Following his route, the search engines came across the unidentified remains of several people, but Alexei was not among them. They failed to find Ivanov’s belongings either. He never returned.

Get off the trail

In April 2019, Kat Hammontre , 68, from Seattle, Washington, traveled with her husband and daughter to San Felipe, Baja California, on the California-Mexico border, planning to visit the famous Devil’s Canyon in the Sierra de San Pedro. Martyr. All three were experienced hikers.

As they walked along the trail, Kat slipped and sprained her ankle. She could not go further and said that she would sit on a rock by the stream while her family took a walk to the waterfall. Their dog stayed with her.

When father and daughter returned to the rock an hour and a half later, there was no sign of Kat or the dog. The search turned up nothing. And how could a woman with a bad leg go far?

Schoolboy gone into the fog

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The surroundings of the village of Arkhyz in Karachay-Cherkessia (these places are called the Arkhyz basin) are constantly visited by tourists.

They say that several years ago, one May day, a group of primary school students led by teachers went for a walk in the forest. They walked in the area of ​​the Cossack glade, which is a popular object for excursions.

After a picnic in nature, adults and children headed home. They had almost reached the village, when suddenly one of the schoolchildren remembered that he had forgotten his plastic bag in the forest.

There was a beautiful drawing on the package, and the boy asked the teacher for permission to come back for him. The distance to the picnic area was only 300 meters.

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The boy disappeared into the woods and was never seen again. Of course, large-scale searches were organized, but no traces of the child could be found.

Relatives of the missing boy turned to a psychic who undertook to explore the area of ​​​​the alleged disappearance. During the examination, he reached a place where trees with twisted trunks grew and suddenly lost consciousness.

When he came to his senses, the man said that he saw a boy running along the road, who was enveloped in a black swaying veil. Locals claim that a strange greenish fog is sometimes observed in this place at night…

Attempts at explanation

There are many versions of what happened to all these people. According to one of them, all the missing became victims of the harsh climate and accidents: someone got lost and died of thirst, someone froze, someone stumbled and fell into the abyss …

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Since this often happened in remote, deserted places, many bodies simply were not found. Although not all episodes, of course, correspond to these assumptions.

There are also more fantastic theories, for example, meetings with aliens or Bigfoot, getting into space-time portals.

And yet – why not assume that at least some of the dead and missing simply ended up at the wrong time in the wrong place… Let’s say they accidentally got into the zone of testing secret weapons or some kind of experiments?

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