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Where did ships from the Middle Ages come from in the US deserts?

In the 18-20 centuries, dozens of various ships were discovered in the desert regions of the United States.

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The researchers who obtained these finds came to the conclusion that the seas could once extend here. The reason for such an unusual verdict was the ships of the conquistadors of the 15th-17th centuries, which were clearly under water and managed to become covered with corals, sponges and other marine life.

But more than other finds, researchers were struck by the ships found in the California desert – these were Viking boats.

The most concrete verification of those rumors came in 1933. Local librarian and nature enthusiast Myrtle Botts was out hiking in the Anza-Borrego desert with her husband.

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It was early March and the desert was alive with the vibrant colors of wildflower blooms. They set up camp near Agua Caliente and were greeted by a passing prospector.

The man had not struck gold but he claimed to have found “a ship lodged in the rocky face of Canebrake Canyon. The vessel was made of wood, and there was a serpentine figure carved into its prow. There were also impressions on its flanks where shields had been attached—all the hallmarks of a Viking craft” (Nazaryan, 2017).

The paradox was that the artifacts were almost not hidden by the local soil. In other words, there was a feeling that for hundreds of years these once-floating ships had not been swallowed up by the surrounding landscape. As if they were placed on the surface a week ago. However, the dating of the finds referred them to the 12th-15th centuries.

Another detail was the lack of crew members. Empty holds said that someone could plunder them. Despite the established age and ownership of the ships, it remains a mystery how they even got into the desert states of the United States.

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In addition to California, ancient ships have been discovered in Arizona, Texas, and Michigan. It turned out that all these territories were once under water.

If we take millions of years, then, of course, these lands were at the bottom of the ocean, but we are talking about the 12-17th centuries. If the sea had splashed here so recently, then numerous traces of the life of the marine fauna should have remained.

But this has not yet been found. All finds related to the seas and oceans in these parts date back to 200-220 million years ago. How then do ships get to these parts?

The official science does not give an answer to this question. The appearance of ships in the middle of the desert can be explained only by resorting to fantastic theories.

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Various assumptions are made from the impact of UFOs to time portals. By the way, the last hypothesis is very interesting. Movement in space and time is one of the theoretical directions in physics.

Ufologist Mikhail Gershtein has collected more than 200 testimonies about the movements of people, cars, planes and ships in time and space. This phenomenon is very rare and always spontaneous, because of this, attempts at careful study often remain without result.

Based on this, it can be assumed that such incidents occurred in the Middle Ages. And perhaps a few hundred years ago, the American deserts weren’t seas at all, and ships spontaneously found themselves among the sands. In this case, local residents could take valuables from the holds, and liquidate the sailors.

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