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When humanity meets aliens, they will become our gods, says physicist

According to a prominent Harvard professor, humanity will view aliens as god-like if humans and aliens ever come into contact.

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Physicist Avi Loeb of Harvard is also known as a UFO enthusiast who recently claimed that his group had discovered an “alien probe” in the ocean .

The other day, he shared a few predictions about how humans might react to aliens if we ever make contact with them.

“A very advanced scientific civilization is close to the concept of God. Imagine a prehistoric man who suddenly came to modern New York and saw all its technological things. For him, it will be like a divine miracle.”

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He added that aliens may indeed have the ability to create their own miniature “worlds”.

“You can imagine that a super-advanced civilization that understands how to combine quantum mechanics and gravity can actually create the germ of the universe in the laboratory. This is exactly the quality that we attribute to God in religious texts.”

Loeb also urged people to be “open-minded” about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and predicted that the discovery of an alien civilization could unite humanity.

“We may have neighbors who are much more perfect than us and we can learn from them. So I hope that contact will lead humanity to a better position in the long term.”

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He also stressed the importance of sharing any new knowledge that the entire human species might have.

“We are all in the same boat, the Earth floating in interstellar space. Everything about the universe, any knowledge we get about our neighbors, about the universe in a broader sense, should be scientific knowledge, which means that it should be shared open”.

Loeb and his team recently recovered from the ocean floor the remains of a meteorite that fell off the coast of Papua New Guinea in 2014. They found several strange balls there, which they believe are part of an alien probe.

Alas, Loeb has enough critics for his high-profile statements, including among fellow scientists.

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“People are sick of hearing about Avi Loeb’s wild claims. It’s polluting good science. He’s mixing the good science we’re doing with this ridiculous sensation and it’s sucking all the oxygen out of the room,” says astrophysicist Steve Desh.

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