When human bodies touch, their brains begin to work in sync, study claims

A team of scientists from Finland in the process of studying the brain activity of two people in love discovered a very unusual phenomenon. At the moment of close contact, the brain is synchronized. This was reported on the pages of Science Daily.

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For the experiment, the researchers pre-upgraded the MRI machine. The experiment involved 10 couples who spent 45 minutes in the apparatus.

According to the assigned task, the participants touched different parts of the body with their fingers. It was forbidden to get up or move from the place.

In the process of research, it was found that the sensorimotor networks of lovers at the moments of touch “fall” into resonance (oscillations of the same frequency occur).

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According to scientists, this explains the situations when people begin to understand each other without words.

Why this is happening and “who” is responsible for it, is still a mystery.

The researchers concluded that thanks to the discovered resonance, many couples in love live for years without losing interest in each other.

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