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What’s Your Sun Sign’s Money Style?

Money is a big part of our lives—earning, spending, saving. But how you handle money is often influenced by your Sun sign. See what yours says.

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You often take gambles with your cash, but luckily most of them pay off. To you, it’s not so much about the money; it’s more about the thrill of victory.


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Your approach to money is slow and steady, which is why you’ll amass a nice chunk of it over time. You know all the right long-term investments.


When it comes to getting cash, you’re a smooth talker. Your wit and charm will get you far, whether it’s negotiating a salary or trying to get a loan.


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Financial security is important to you. You’re a pretty good saver, but the real riches lie in your home. Real estate or home-related investments pay off for you.


You don’t mind taking risks with your money. Whether it’s the stock market or the craps table, you’re pretty lucky. Investing in metals (especially gold) is profitable for you.


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Careful and cautious, you don’t take chances with cash. You are an excellent budgeter and keep all your accounts in order. You know when to save and when to spend.


Balance is the name of the money game for you. Your checkbook is always balanced. Your financial goals are best achieved when you work with a partner.


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You are private when it comes to your finances. Chances are you have a secret stash somewhere. If people cross you over financial agreements, they’ll certainly feel your sting.


For you, money is meant to be spent! You have a big heart and a big wallet to match. No matter what happens financially, you usually land on your feet.


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When people need financial advice, they come to you. You are an expert at handling money. As a disciplined saver, you have more than enough for a rainy day.


Money comes and goes quickly for you, but you are rarely caught short of cash. You love paying for everything electronically.


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You’re more concerned about dreams than money. Somehow the Universe understands this and always seems to provide you with cash when you need it.

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