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Old woman

What We Can Learn From Centenarians

Old womanImagine living to be 100! Not only is it possible, but more and more folks are also reaching this ripe old age than ever before! Obviously, if you’ve been around that long, you must have picked up a thing or two. Here are some wonderful nuggets of wisdom from the 100 and over set.

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Be Positive

Almost every centenarian emphasizes the importance of having a positive attitude. This doesn’t mean being a Pollyanna. In fact, these long-lived folks are hard-core realists. The difference is that they take things in stride. 102-year-old Loretta Hodge put it best, “Whatever is hard, you make hard, but if you take it as it comes, it doesn’t come hard.”

Humor is important too. Many of these wise old people remind us of the power of laugher. Like Bel Kaufman, 102, says, “Laugher keeps you healthy.”

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Eat Well

Eating right is another secret of those in the 100 plus club. Funny thing is, most don’t follow strict dietary plans and they rarely count calories. They do however; dine in moderation and control portion sizes.

Most eat nutritious meals along with the occasional treat now and then. Follow Besse Cooper’s advice, “Mind your own business and don’t eat junk food.” She lived to be 116!

Share the Love

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Whether it’s the love of family, friends or the love of something you do, share the experience. Lucille Boston Lewis, a centenarian from Tennessee put it beautifully, “Love people. Find something to like about the person—it’s there—because we’re all just people.”

Stay Active

Not only will medical experts tell you about the importance of staying mentally and physically active, so will those over 100. Just listen to Miriam Henson’s advice, “You must keep active or you will just wither away.”

Have a Drink… or Two

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Apparently having a drink now and then can keep you young. Helen Mulligan says her favorite drink will cure what ails you, “Sleep well, have a Bailey’s Irish Cream before bed if you have a cold—you will wake up fine the next morning.

”Herman Solomon took a drink of scotch every day, claiming it made him feel fabulous. Samuel Ball, 103, advises, “Have a good, wife, two scotches a night, and be easy going.”

Cheers to these centenarians!

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