What was that? Fresno driver films eerie anomaly on foggy road

A Fresno driver had a spooky encounter as she was driving home from a casino. She filmed the foggy road with her cell phone and later discovered a mysterious anomaly that crossed in front of her car, reports coasttocoastam.com.

The video, which was sent to a local TV station, shows a dark and misty road with patches of fog. As the driver turns a corner, a white shape appears out of nowhere and seems to move across the road before disappearing.

The driver said she did not see anything at the time and only noticed the anomaly when she watched the video.

Some viewers have suggested that the anomaly could be a ghost, as the road where it was filmed has a history of fatal accidents. Some of the accidents were caused by poor visibility due to fog.

However, others have offered more mundane explanations, such as a reflection of light, a smudge on the windshield, or a piece of debris. Some have also questioned the authenticity of the video and whether it was edited or staged.

The driver, who wished to remain anonymous, said she was not trying to fool anyone and that she was genuinely scared by what she saw. She said she believes in ghosts and thinks that the anomaly could be the spirit of someone who died on that road.

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Jake Carter

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