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What To Avoid When Communicating With Spirits

spirits-avoidAvoid forgetting to clear and ground your energy before and after spirit communication.

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Make sure to ground yourself and energetically clear the room before attempting to make contact with spirit. Grounding yourself involves visualizations in which you release all negative energy from your body while at the same time drawing down into your body divine energy from God.

To clear a room or space, visualize that space as gradually filling with brilliant white divine Light. Make sure the light spills everywhere and covers all four corners of the space and then build the Light until the entire room is filled with it, side to side and top to bottom.

Avoid having the wrong intention.

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Make sure you are attempting to communicate with spirit for the right reasons. If you want to make contact because you think it’s cool, have a fascination with death, want to frighten people or simply want to boast about it to others, you are doing it for the wrong reason. This wrong intention may attract malicious entities seeking to harass and frighten you.

Therefore it is important to make sure your intention is pure and to communicate your intention in your prayers before and after the exercise. Pure intentions include seeking your higher self and higher energies who want to bless, build up and support you, as well as others.

Avoid forgetting to psychically protect yourself.

Always make sure you open spirit communication with a prayer of protection, asking that God as well as all angels and guides stand with you to protect you. Ask to work with only those spirits or energies that are edifying, supportive and working in the Light. Express thanks and gratitude for this opportunity to communicate with spirit in a protected and safe environment.

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When finished with your prayer, make sure to do one of the many visualizations available to psychically protect yourself, such as envisioning yourself within a column of brilliant white Light which no negative energy can pierce or contaminate. Only those spirits and energies which are there to serve your highest purpose are allowed into the column of white Light. When your spirit communication is complete make sure to close with another prayer to seal off your space and close the session.

Avoid drinking alcohol or taking drugs when communicating with spirits.

Substances open a back door to the spirit world whether we are trying to communicate with them or not. If we are under the influence of these substances when attempting spirit communication we allow all sorts of energies in, especially those attracted to the lower vibration attached to intoxication.

Those spirits may be mischievous or even malicious and can cause us far more trouble than we ever anticipated.

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Avoid spirit communication when feeling negative, imbalanced or unhappy.

We attract what we are, so when we are unhappy or negative when working with spirits we will attract those same kinds of energies to us. Learn to see your moods as actual frequencies; signals you emit at a certain vibration which in turn draw back to you energies and entities existing in the same frequency.

If your frequency is that of love, you will attract loving entities back to you. Likewise, if your frequency is that of negativism, you will attract negative entities to you.

Avoid contacting spirits when you are fatigued or exhausted.

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Being overly tired makes you physically vulnerable and less in touch with what is going on. When we are fatigued or exhausted it is easier to misread energies and misunderstand messages.

In other words, it is easier for us to do it wrong and to get it wrong. Be well rested and physically sound before attempting to work with spirits.

Avoid attempting to contact spirits with others who are negative, imbalanced or unhappy.

For the same reason you should not be negative when attempting spirit communication, make sure anyone with you also shares the same energy as you — an energy of positivism and love.

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Anyone proximate as you attempt to communicate with spirits can either contribute or contaminate the process based on their own energetic disposition. Be mindful of this.

Avoid fear.

Do not attempt spirit communication if you are afraid of it. If you are curious but also afraid (even a little), spirit communication is not advised. If you are fearful on any level, make sure to read books and speak to others who can educate you about the process and make you more comfortable.

Just as you must make sure you are positive and healthy when dealing with spirits, you must also drive out all fear, as harboring fear may attract entities that wish to play upon that fear.

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Avoid spirits who tell you to listen only to them.

Spirits working for your edification and betterment will never tell you to replace your judgment with theirs. They will never seek to tell you what to do or control you in any way. High-level spirits make suggestions, offer insight and present options.

They want you to decide what choice is better for you and will never force that choice upon you or become upset when you do not follow their advice. Never work with any spirit or energy that attempts to control you or wants you to carry out tasks which are negative and do not feel right. This is a sure sign that you are dealing with a non-evolved spirit and this must always be avoided.

Avoid working with unenlightened or non-evolved spirits.

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It is better to work with high-level entities such as angels and spirit guides. Remember, earthbound spirits are simply people who are dead. People, no matter alive or dead, are limited by what they know and desire, just like you. An earthbound spirit (or one that dwells more closely to the earth plane than more enlightened spirits) may not know more than you, and they may also have a different intention than you.

You will know an unenlightened or non-evolved spirit based on the rate at which they vibrate. Love vibrates at a high, joyful, delightful energy. Alternatively, negative spirits vibrate at a low, negative, fearful and uncomfortable energy. Learn to differentiate between these energies and take heed of them.

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