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What Is Spontaneous Healing? The 6 Laws of Miracle Makers

Spontaneous HealingSpontaneous healing defies medical expectations. By all accounts, they are healing miracles that occur when least expected.

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However, Melvin Morse in “Where God Lives: The Science of the Paranormal and How our Brains Are Linked to the Universe” (New York: Cliff Street Books, 2000), suggests that spontaneous healing can be understood within the realm of science—within the 6 laws of miracle makers.

These 6 scientific laws were discovered by immunologist Paul Pearsall who recovered from blood and bone cancer after heroic medical intervention and 3 near death episodes. Spending months in cancer wards, Pearsall connected with others who experienced spontaneous healing.

He called them “miracle makers” and claimed that health can be restored and maintained through these 6 scientific laws.

The Law of Oneness

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Miracle makers believe that they are a part of the universal energy pattern or consciousness. It is this law of Oneness or “One Mind,” a term coined by theoretical physicist Erwin Schrödinger, which allows man to understand the link connecting individual mind to universal mind.

A key step to making miracles happen is to understand that this link, now a significant part of scientific research, connects man to all.

The Law of Perception

Miracle makers free themselves from the physical senses by developing psychic perception that opens the brain to other realms and dimensions. Miracles occur when man can channel information and insights from other sensory realms.

The Law of Simultaneity

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Theoretical physicists have insisted that the fundamental principle of the universe is simultaneity: the simultaneous existence of everything that has ever happened, is happening and will happen.

Miracles cannot exist in a mind trapped by the illusion of distance and time. Understanding the law of simultaneity frees the mind from the constraints of time and space.

The Law of Forceful Fields

Man’s life is shaped by invisible morphic energy fields that respond to his thoughts and intentions. Modern biological theory states that DNA is a holographic reflection of morphic energy fields that exist in nature.

Because these forceful fields can be influenced by thought, man has the power to reshape and direct these fields towards health or illness.

The Law of Divine Dynamics

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Energy flow produces disorder which results in a reordering and rebalancing of the system. This fact has been shown in modern mathematical analysis. Nothing remains static in this universe.

Stability leads to chaos which leads to new stability and the whole cycle is repeated endlessly. Miracle makers understand this principle of divine dynamics; therefore, they are not disheartened by the disorder that manifests in their lives.

They see chaos as an opportunity to stretch towards greater stability. Pearsall believes that it is this opportunity that forms the basis of spontaneous healing in cancer patients because cancer is an “extreme disorder of cellular function” (139).

The Law that Miracle Makers Love Chaos

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In fact, chaos is necessary for health because a new order and stability can only come from disorder. One definition of death is biological equilibrium or stability.

To live, to be alive is to experience the fluctuations between chaos and stability. One sign of a miracle maker is his ability to celebrate the beauty of chaos, his ability to welcome chaos into his life.

By embracing these 6 laws of miracle makers, man can dissolve anger and hostility, embrace love and community and deepen his faith in self and the universe.

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