What Is a Starseed And Could You Be One?

StarseedHave you ever heard the term “starseed?” If you follow the many avenues of New Age and metaphysical movements, chances are you’ve run across this word. If not, there is certainly plenty to discuss! So what is a starseed and could you be one?

Starseeds Defined

Starseeds are beings that come from other planets, solar systems or galaxies and incarnate here on earth. For all intents and purposes they look, act and essentially are human. They even suffer the same challenges and “veil of forgetfulness” that are part of the human condition. However, at some point in their existence, they wake up and remember their earthly mission.

If you’re reading this, chances are you could be a starseed or at least know one.

So what is their mission and why do they come here? For the same reason many of us do—to assist this planet and all its sentient beings in the awakening and ascension process. Earth can definitely use the help, and many starseeds consider it a great honor and privilege to take part in such a magnificent event. Our little planet is currently the star of a spectacular intergalactic show!

Could You Be a Starseed?

If you’re reading this, chances are you could be a starseed or at least know one. Starseeds come from many universes, but there are some common traits experienced by those with a starseed identity. See if any of these traits resonate with you or someone you know.

– Starseeds are often loners or feel lonely.

– Many starseeds feel like they were adopted or don’t fit in at all with their earth families. Many are also considered the “black sheep” of the family.

– People who are starseeds have a keen interest in astronomy or the stars. They love to stargaze and are fascinated by the night sky.

– Starseeds often look up at the stars and feel that they belong “somewhere out there,” yet they are not exactly sure where “home” is.

– As children, starseeds are full of questions and often comment that things don’t make sense in this world. They appear wise beyond their years.

– Starseeds are often drawn to metaphysics, seeking to understand why they don’t fit in and why they feel so isolated.

– Starseeds usually have a slightly lower than normal body temperature.

– Many starseeds have a difficult relationship with one parent—usually the one of the opposite sex.

So what do you think? Are you a starseed?

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