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What if the Aliens-UFOs are also Earthlings? Then what is their goal?

It is believed that UFOs and the phenomenon of abduction are necessarily linked: UFOs are exotic vehicles used by abductors to carry out their tasks.

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But where do these UFOs come from? Where did we get that they are certainly from distant planets or alien galaxies? And why not from underground or underwater bases that exist here on Earth, right next to us?

Reasonable doubts

Of all the stories about the abductions of earthlings by aliens, we are most shocked by the stories that the abductors are allegedly trying to create a “hybrid” offspring – humanoids that would be able to throw a bridge between human society and the society of “others”.

This notorious “breeding program” has become a staple of many books because of its disturbing overtones. The actions of aliens are trying to explain by such authors as David Jacobs or Budd Hopkins.

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It is believed that UFOs and the phenomenon of abduction are necessarily linked: UFOs are exotic vehicles used by abductors to carry out their tasks. But where do these UFOs come from? Where did we get that certainly from distant planets or alien galaxies? And why not from underground or underwater bases that exist here on Earth, right next to us?

It is also believed that the ubiquitous “grays” are forced to steal people – they suffer from some kind of genetic disease that has deprived them of the possibility of natural conception, and their only hope is infusions of human DNA. This version is far from flawless, and this is noted by many critics.

Geneticists ridicule the idea that humans can be genetically compatible with aliens: it’s about the same as if a person tried to successfully mate with an insect, scientists say. True, recent discoveries in transgenic engineering make it possible to do the impossible (albeit artificially).

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Yet it is hard to imagine that advanced aliens – apparently thousands of years ahead of us in development – would rely only on the abduction of unsuspecting people in order to obtain the genetic samples they need. This hypothesis seems particularly absurd when applied to a civilization capable of interstellar travel or instant transit through space-time.

Logically, they should have knowledge of genetic engineering, significantly superior to our own. Even a civilization that was only a few hundred years ahead of ours would certainly have mastered the basic principles of nanotechnology and would have considered obsolete methods such as, for example, the forcible removal of an egg or sperm.

Tricks of “others”

All this suggests that the “aliens” (at least some of their races) do not fly to us at all from some distant star system, but may well turn out to be our close neighbors, actually connected with us by a common territory.

And their frequent allusions to the cosmos (like the famous “star map” shown to abductee Betty Hill) may just be a ploy designed to please our collective “space visitor” frenzy and get us to search not near home, but somewhere in space.

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And the persistent genetic interest of “aliens” in earthlings only proves that they are a kindred species associated with us from time immemorial.

It is clear that not all “contactees” who talk about meetings with benevolent and similar to us aliens were deceivers and eccentrics. It is possible that some really dealt with genuine aliens.

And the fact that the “others” first appeared to us as space travelers shortly after the creation of nuclear weapons on Earth may seem to contradict the version of their earthly origin. But is it?

If you secretly lived among savages and watched how they get more and more destructive weapons at their disposal or are about to destroy (burn, flood, etc.) the territory where you are, then you probably have would be tempted to intervene. But – for your own safety – you would certainly prefer to do it in such a way as not to betray your own existence and, at the same time, somehow convey your message to these same savages.

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If we share our planet with local “others” – and the version of their terrestrial origin seems as sound as the extraterrestrial hypothesis – then, of course, it is possible that we are numerically, if not technically, superior to them. The “others” would be forced to live on the fringes of normal human perception and perhaps use methods on us similar to the major recent breakthroughs in interfaces for thinking machines and “mind control”. But is it?

And here’s what’s suspicious…

Well, isn’t it suspicious that, for example, so many contacts with aliens involve the use of chemicals, as well as needles inserted into the head of the victim? Sometimes abducted people are asked to drink some kind of nauseating drink before talking to the “crew” or they are given to see some images or scenes that may be intended for psychedelic “processing”.

In other words, aliens – terrestrial or extraterrestrial – clearly prefer to change our perception of reality. We are, as it were, forced to participate in contacts, without giving us the luxury of trusting our feelings.

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But, excuse me, how does that fit in with the popular description of impassive alien scientists who don’t give a damn about our feelings (and who apparently care about our earthly affairs and sympathize with us no more than a laboratory assistant sympathizes with his lab rats)?

What about post-hypnotic commands from “alien” orders to forget everything experienced? Why are these protective barriers quite often managed to be “broken” with such amazing ease? Is it because we are not dealing with stellar aliens, but with someone else, closer and simpler?

Whoever these “others” are, their command of our psychic “vocabulary” is simply amazing! This is not at all like a pragmatic “genetic harvest”. Where does the “aliens” have this human aspect? And what does this portend for us?

Once we have finished weeding out esoteric hypotheses, we are left with the troubling prospect that at least one “crypto-earth” community on our planet is suffering from a potentially debilitating genetic syndrome.

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And it seems that the “others” are desperate and, at the same time, quite sensible guys who have been harvesting the “harvest” from our population for decades for a possible long-term genetic repair of their fellows.

And this does not necessarily imply malice: if we were in a similar situation, we would almost certainly do the same, taking equally unpleasant and tedious steps to ensure our anonymity.

This is roughly the point of view expressed by MacTonnies in his article “Human Alien Hybrids?”, which appeared on September 30, 2008. But this version and around it has its own special difficult aspects…

What if the target is us?

Can “others” set themselves any other goal? What if “they” are concerned not only (and not so much) with their own (in)fertility, but also with our (super)ability? After all, there are many of us on the planet!

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What if they are already closely with us? Then the complete destruction or severe limitation of our ability to further increase the population of the Earth could solve many of the problems of such a mysterious community. If we share the planet with another advanced civilization, then it is possible that it will wage a “guerrilla war” against us, incl. and genetic methods.

Isn’t that what they’re doing hybridization for? Where do those babies go, which aliens often steal from the womb of women in the third or fourth month of pregnancy? How and where are hybrids used? And what are these hybrids? Do “others” really need them in such huge numbers? For what? What if “others” are trying to push, and then completely push us out as a species?

No, not by military measures or the destruction of the Earth – after all, they themselves live here. Then it turns out that “every bast in a line” – and the increase in the number of impotent, and female infertility, and AIDS, and same-sex marriages, and what our geneticists and demographers have already spoken about with concern – exhaustion, weakening and the threat of the future complete extinction of the male Y chromosome.

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If we and the “others” really live on the same planet, then this may be a symbiosis that is beneficial to both, or perhaps the position of “predator – prey.” Which of the two civilizations is the victim? Who is the parasite? Parasites (consumers) live at the expense of others, and they have different strategies, one of which is the strategy of the so-called parasitic castrators.

It looks like we are indeed already castrated – in general, as a biological species. Who knows how they use the implants implanted into the human body? And the gradual modification of our behavior is only a preparation for moral and physical castration.

A monster idea? Right. But, like any hypothesis, it has the right to exist. Moreover, “the process has already begun …”. And we ourselves easily use other biological species for the sake of our own survival, don’t we?

For example, we raise pigs to take their hearts for human transplantation. But first, we genetically modify these pigs. And this is no longer science fiction, but reality. And the “others” may change us – for the same purposes…

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