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What If Aliens Coexisted on Our Planet Alongside Humans?

Aliens humansThe show, Futurama, posits a somewhat interesting question: what would a world be like where humans and aliens coexisted on the same planet? While the show is a satirical comedy, it does beg the question: what if such a world was real?

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It seems like another worthwhile exploration to look at. With the many others going about their daily life, it is an interesting setup for a possible future we might live in one day. If we were to encounter alien civilizations, the first likelihood is that they would be interested in having cultural exchanges across planets.

This is something that has been commonly done for ages with people of a different country, race, and ethnic origins. It dates back to the days of the conquistadors and colonizers. However, these days, the exploration does not include slavery and is done via embassies and ambassadors.

It would not be uncommon to think that immigration and migration between two planets would not start with the building of goodwill foundations between two worlds. If Earth was able to build such a sonic original foundation, what might it be like to have alien neighbors?

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It may lead to the same things we have seen for decades with immigration to the USA and vice versa, which can include discrimination and racism. This, unfortunately, has been endemic in almost every period of history where people have come over to one country from another.

The native peoples are not always willing to accept their neighbor who is of a different origin. Yet, just like the melting pot scenario the US has found itself in for decades, this is something that would continue with aliens from another planet: they would assimilate into their new culture while continuing their old culture too.

Eventually, new generations of native peoples will grow up alongside those of alien immigrant children from other worlds and things will begin to solidify without racism and discrimination.

It’s the case often that the next generation is more tolerant than the previous one since they grow up with those who are from different cultures and countries. The same would be the case for those coming here from another earth. Much the same, the employment world would not be much different.

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The governments of the world, including the USA, may have to put into effect laws that prevent the discrimination and mistreatment of aliens in the professional employment world. It could be something that needs to happen because, if it does not, there could be greater trouble for them.

It is an interesting thought to think about. Our alien neighbors would work alongside us, just as any human would. They would likely have the same benefits such as healthcare and a 401K that humans do too.

Eventually, the aliens would come to be part of our world. They would coexist with us and attend the same schools. We would see them in the grocery stores or our same places of worship. They could even open restaurants with their style of food.

All of these things are seen on the show, Futurama, and continue to be very plausible as potential paths for our world of the future. As immigrants often start businesses, create new jobs, and craft new technologies, the same could be said of the future world with aliens.

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As more and more types of aliens come to our world, there is the likelihood that new business and industries might be developed as well as technologies too.

It would be fascinating to see what exactly aliens bring to our world in what they could create. Some inventions might bring an end to the very issues we struggle within our world.

They may have created things that solve difficulties like cancer and poverty. If the future turns out to be anything like Futurama, there will be peace between humans and their alien counterparts.

At first, there could be strife between humans and aliens but, in the long run, there would be peace and prosperity in a future that is dominated by cooperation between the planets and a greater sense of our universe as a whole.

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About author: Tommy Zimmer is a writer whose work has appeared online and in print. His work covers a variety of topics, including politics, economics, health and wellness, consumer electronics, and the entertainment industry.

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