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Deathbed visions

What hospice nurses know about the final visions of the dying

Deathbed visionsJulie McFadden is a hospice nurse who has witnessed many people’s final moments of life. She has a unique insight into what dying people see and feel as they approach the end of their journey, reports

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One of the most common phenomena that Julie observes is that her patients often report seeing their deceased loved ones, who come to comfort them and reassure them that they are not alone.

Julie says that these visions are so frequent that they are included in the educational materials that hospice care provides to patients and their families.

She recently started sharing her knowledge and experience on TikTok, under the username @hospicenursejulie, and she has gained more than 430,000 followers and 3.6 million likes.

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Julie said her patients often tell her that they see their loved ones who have already died – before they themselves pass away.

She added that their deceased relatives will tell them comforting words such as, ‘We’re coming to get you soon,’ or, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll help you’.

According to her, it’s extremely common for dying patients to see dead friends, relatives and even old pets, but she can’t explain why this occurs.

“This happens so often that we put it in our educational packets that we give to the patient and their loved ones so they understand what’s going on. But we don’t know why it happens and we can’t explain it,” she said.

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“It usually happens a month or so before the patient dies. They start seeing dead relatives, dead friends, old pets that have passed on – spirits, angels, that are visiting them.

“Only they can see and hear them. Sometimes it’s through a dream and sometimes they can physically see them and they’ll actually ask us, “Do you see what I’m seeing?”

Julie explained that the patients are ‘usually not afraid,’ but that they’re actually very ‘comforted’ by it.

She added: “They’re usually not afraid, it’s usually very comforting to them and they say they’re sending a message like, ‘We’re coming to get you soon’, or, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll help you’.

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“Most people love this, they’re very comforted by it, it’s not scary to them. But yeah, we can’t explain it and it happens all the time.”

When someone asked Julie if she thought it was a hallucination, she said that she didn’t think so, since the patients are normally ‘pretty alert and oriented’.

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