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Astral projection

What happens when a person dies: an expert explains Out-of-Body experience

Astral projectionMany are trying to answer the question – what happens when a person dies. The expert spoke about the five stages that occur after the death of a person, reports “Daily Star”.

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Dr. Thomas Fleischman, who has worked as an ambulance doctor for over 35 years, spoke about the experiences of those who “returned after death.” He has witnessed the death of nearly two thousand people and has interviewed hundreds of NDE patients.

Speaking at a scientific conference in Hamburg in 2014, Dr. Fleischmann said that the experience of people who have experienced clinical death can be divided into 5 stages:

In the first stage, sudden changes occur when the pain disappears instantly. Anxiety, fear and external sounds also disappear. There is calm and serenity. Some experience a state of joy, while some suddenly realize that they are dead.

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In the second stage, an “out-of-body experience” begins, when a person hovers over his body and sees himself from the outside. He sees the doctors trying to bring him back to life.

The third stage is perceived as comfortable for 98-99% of people, and the remaining 2% talked about terrible sounds, smells and creepy creatures.

In the fourth stage, people in the midst of complete darkness begin to see a very bright light that radiates warmth and attracts to itself.

At the fifth stage, 10% of those who survived clinical death found themselves in a beautiful environment, flowers, beautiful music and felt a feeling of love. At this stage, meetings with previously deceased relatives often occur. Some talked about encounters with a creature made of light. Love exudes from him and people felt happy in this place.

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A doctor who worked as the head of an emergency medical department in Germany said that they had no explanation for this phenomenon.

It is impossible even to assume, since at the time of clinical death, brain activity is completely absent. Despite the fact that there is no scientific explanation for this, we know that this phenomenon exists.

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