What happened before the emergence of the universe – a new hypothesis of scientists

Scientists from the United States have suggested that before the appearance of our universe, “something” did exist. The discovery of researchers from Pennsylvania State University is reported in the scientific publication Physical Review Letters.

The researchers formulated their conclusions on the basis of the data obtained from the satellite missions “Cosmic Origins Explorer” and “LiteBIRD”. The purpose of the satellites is to search for traces of primary gravitational waves against the background of ancient cosmic radiation.

Speaking about their discovery, scientists refer to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which cannot explain the uneven distribution of dark matter and galaxies in the expanding universe.

Scientists have formulated the Big Bounce hypothesis, which suggests that our universe was formed from superdense matter left over from the previous universe.

Astrophysicists regularly record the smallest irregularities in the structure of the Universe against the background of ancient cosmic radiation. The investigated radiation showed significant deviations from the postulates of classical physics.

According to scientists, the discovered inhomogeneities may be the result of quantum fluctuations in the earlier Universe.

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