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What Does Your Blood Type Say About Your Personality?

personality bloodDo you know your blood type? If not, you may want to find out because it can provide some clues about your personality. Many cultures take blood types and personality very seriously, particularly the Japanese. Curious about your blood type? Read on.

Blood Type A

You tend to be an introvert who is blessed with patience, perfectionism and punctuality. With a fine eye for detail, you are able to make meticulous improvements to just about any project. You are also sensitive and compassionate, doing your best to get along with others.

Your sensitivity and perfectionism can cause you a great deal of stress. Learn to relax now and then.

Although your best qualities are admirable, they can also be your downfall. Your sensitivity and perfectionism can cause you a great deal of stress. Learn to relax now and then.

Blood Type B

You can be strong willed and goal oriented. Often a self-starter, you tackle tasks from start to finish. Balance is your buzzword. You work hard, but also make plenty of time for play. Overall you are optimistic, flexible and passionate. You make a wonderful friend.

Like all the blood types, you have your share of difficult traits. At times, you may be careless and irresponsible. You also have a tendency toward self-centeredness if not careful.

Blood Type AB

You also tend to be introverted like blood type A and appear calm, cool and rational. However, unlike type A, you are not afraid to march to the beat of your own drummer. Others may even see you as artsy, spiritual or flaky from time to time. Either way, you are quite popular and have a certain star quality.

Being an AB can be difficult at times. Your desire for individual freedom and living “outside the box” can get you into trouble sometimes. Strive for a little more balance in life.

Blood Type O

You are either a natural born leader or a loner—and sometimes both. Ambitious and focused, you are determined to succeed in everything you do. Others often look to you for help and advice, which you gladly give. You are also expressive and tend to speak your mind.

When not at your best, you can be insensitive and arrogant. You may occasionally come across as a bossy know-it-all. Be mindful of hogging the spotlight or stealing other people’s thunder.

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