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What awaits humanity in the future: a forecast from Michio Kaku

Physicist Michio Kaku told three incredible predictions about the future and showed how exactly technology will help get rid of cancer, and humanity will become a real space civilization.

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In the future, humanity may well become a space civilization. The physicist is confident that people will be able to find ways to explore the vastness of space.

He also added that someday there will be a terrible catastrophe on Earth and people will need a new home. Therefore, humanity needs to find a planet suitable for life on it as soon as possible.

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The physicist also believes that people can significantly increase the capabilities of their brains. It’s no secret that people today use only a small portion of their mental faculties.

Kaku is confident that this will be done with the help of new technologies. For example, a computer can be connected to the brain and people can directly share their emotions and experiences over the Internet.

People will cure cancer forever with scientific innovation. Biotechnology and artificial intelligence will be one whole in the future.

Dr Kaku believes medicine will become non-invasive with technologies that will analyse symptoms straight from DNA chips – a technology he dubbed “liquid biopsies”.

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The physicist said: “We will have years of warning that there is a colony of cancer cells growing in our body.

“And our descendants will wonder how could we fear cancer so much?”

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