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What Are The Human Energy Fields

Human energyThe concept of human energy fields and the human body as an emitter and receptor of energy goes back to ancient India, where the Veda books speak about prana. This is a universal energy that flows through all living beings and makes them alive. If you ever held a newborn baby in your arms, you experienced the benefits of energy healing.

The same concept was known in ancient China, where is called Chi. We find references to energy radiating from human bodies in many other cultures around the word, like the “glowing rays” from Moses’ head in the Old Testament and the halos painted around the heads of saints. Reiki in Japan and the radiance technique also use the concept of human energy fields.

The Aura is an energy field that surrounds all living things and it consists of magnetic energy fields that are unique to each individual. Some people can see the Aura, while others can feel or even hear it.

The Auric Levels

The auric energy emanating from the body, in, through and around our Physical Being, is a direct reflection of that which exists within. It is a DNA picture of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state.

The human aura is made of seven main levels, which control the functions of all organs and everything else in our physical bodies.

– The physical and etheric levels extend about 6 inches to a foot from the physical body.

– The emotional auric levels extend about 2 feet from the body and incorporate the physical and etheric levels.

– The mental, archetypical, and spiritual auras extent approximately 3 feet from the body and incorporate the other levels.

The answer to why not everybody can see the Aura is simple. Not all of us have the same practice and training. It’s the same with works of art. Not everybody can make the difference between an authentic piece and a really good replica.

The Kirlian Camera And Aura Images

In 1939, the Russian electrician Semion Davidovich Kirlian and Valentina Kirlian, his wife, developed the Kirlian Camera, which captures images of the aura from any living being.

There are still many people that question whether the human energy fields really exist. Scientists are doing physical research to find out more about and reiki chakras using photography, microscopic, high emissions, electromagnetic field and bioplasma studies.

Kirlian photography
Kirlian photography

Modern science concludes that the human being is much more than a simple physical structure made of molecules, and it is also made and surrounded by human energy fields.

If everyone knew about the human energy field and consider it as real as the physical body, the whole perspective on medicine, psychology, feelings, emotions and cause-effect actions would change.

Disease Means A Body That’s Not At Ease

The same principle goes for the human energy fields and trained practitioners can actually see the fields of energy including acupuncture points.

Diseases, injuries, mental and physical ailments are all caused by imbalances in our energy fields. In other words, all our illnesses start in the emotional body, move down into the etheric body and then appear on the physical level as symptoms of mental, emotional, or physical dis-ease.

People could finally be able to understand that dis-ease appears first in the energy body, caused by dis-harmony. Knowing this, they would stop taking medicines for calming down the effects and start carrying more about the causes.

Understanding the importance of the human energy fields, people would finally become less interested in material possessions and less aggressive. They would spend more time for satisfying their spiritual needs and developing long natural health.

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