Weather radars recorded a huge “flying saucer” over Mexico

Guanajuato is a city located in Mexico and is the capital of the small state of Guanajuato. Less than a day ago, on meteorological radars, experts recorded some incomprehensible phenomenon, which so far no one can explain.

It is interesting that the phenomenon was simultaneously recorded on several different resources, including Windy and Google Weather.

Guanajuato was founded by the Spaniards in the early 16th century. Literally two centuries later, this city became a world leader not only in the extraction, but also in the sale of silver.

Also, the city became famous due to Boca del Inferno, which translates as “hellish abyss”. This is a huge shaft with a very impressive depth. It penetrates into the ground for about 600 meters.

It was over this city that experts recorded a strange anomaly of incredible size.

The mysterious phenomenon had a futuristic appearance and at the same time, the geometric ideal angles in the object were not only located along the entire perimeter, but also rotated. It is worth noting that the detected anomaly rotated counterclockwise.

It was possible to record the anomaly using two different satellites, each of which has a different level of detail.

At the moment, experts are trying to figure out what exactly they saw on the meteorological radars.

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