We live in a simulated Universe: the stunning hypothesis of scientists

The Institute for the Study of Quantum Gravity decided to study how real is the reality in which we live. Scientists believe that all creatures on the planet and objects may not physically exist, but be only the most complex simulation of the Universe, imitating its existence.

The scientific world calls the theory of experts highly controversial, but does not deny that it can have much in common with the real state of things. Until now, for example, there is no adequate explanation of why atoms randomly change their behavior if they are observed.

Experts from Quantum Gravity Research (Los Angeles, Institute of Theoretical Physics) base their theory on panpsychism, which states that everything in nature is alive.

The Universe is a “strange loop” and everything that happens is self-imitation (all elements are generated from “pure thought”). Scientists often turn to the work “Do we live in computer simulation?” Written by philosopher Nick Bostrom. The man believes that we can be the product of some kind of complex computer model.

American scientists are moving away from complex computational processes: in their opinion, the Universe is a mental imitation of itself. The theory is associated with quantum mechanics. The universe for scientists is one of the many models of quantum gravity.

The new hypothesis denies any physical reality: everything in the world is a simulation, elements exist only in the form of information.

The universe can “self-actualize” into its existence, where there are many algorithms and rules. Outer space and everything in it is built on its own: thoughts are enough to start processes.

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